Almost Nobody Can Tell a $28 Haircut From a $600 Haircut. Try It!

Time to stop busting your mom's balls for going to Supercuts (or vice versa). Inspired by Anne Hathaway's $600 pixie cut, ABC's 20/20 Confessions sent four women into the wilds of Hollywood to get haircuts with very different price points. They got the women out on the street to see if anyone could tell the difference… »5/04/13 4:00pm5/04/13 4:00pm

Eva Mendes Doesn't Have To Hate Herself 'Cause She Knows She's Hot

  • Aw! Eva Mendes says it's easy to get all "critical" of yourself when you're on the red carpet but that she doesn't let herself "fall into that" — but that's she also "thankful" for her "nice physique"! Pretty sad if this counts as having positive body image nowadays. [People]
  • In poor England it's all water, water…
  • »7/23/07 6:36pm7/23/07 6:36pm

The World According To ABC News: The War, Decision 2008, And A Girl Named Ronson

A lot of big questions loom for the hard-working people in the business of hard news at ABC. Who has the edge in the Democratic primary? Could a Center for Disease Control fuckup plunge the entire country into a second Black Death? Can a $30 billion pledge to Africa salvage Bush's legacy? Is a nuclear-armed Iran a… »5/31/07 5:13pm5/31/07 5:13pm