Priyanka Chopra Shines In ABC's Intriguing Terrorism Mystery Quantico

ABC’s diversity train is not slowing down with the debut of Quantico, an FBI crime drama starring Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra as a steely female agent. It’s a feminist series led by an Indian actress, which is groundbreaking in itself. Let’s see whether the thriller does, or does not, make viewers tune in. »9/27/15 2:45pm9/27/15 2:45pm

Surprise Surprise! Ben Higgins Is Your New Bachelor

Ben Higgins, the man Kaitlyn Bristowe was never going to choose to be her husband on the last season of The Bachelorette, will soon be returning to the small-screen to find love once again. But unlike Bachelor wannabe Nick Viall, who slunk his way onto a second season of the show, Ben H. will proudly be returning to… »8/25/15 12:35pm8/25/15 12:35pm

Nicolle Wallace Handles View Firing Rumors By Listing Kardashian Facts

“Even I have a line that cannot be crossed. Don’t ever diss my Kardashian knowledge,” Nicolle Wallace said on Thursday morning’s episode of The View, after Deadline’s Lisa de Moraes noted Wednesday that Wallace was being fired from her full-time host position at the show because she “was not up to speed on the… »7/16/15 11:30am7/16/15 11:30am

Two Bachelorettes Compete for a Drunk Suitor Who Jokes About Rape

Though host Chris Harrison and numerous contestants went to great lengths Monday evening to prove that the show’s decision to have two Bachelorettes was supremely “awkward,” the most awkward thing was the contestant they let through the door who was such a drunk asshole that he was sent home before he even got to pick… »5/19/15 11:30am5/19/15 11:30am

Watch Bill Cosby Incoherently Ramble About Rape Allegations on GMA

In an interview with Linsey Davis this morning on Good Morning America, Bill Cosby responded to questions about the sexual assault allegations that have been made against him over the past few months. Cosby’s responses were far from artful dodges, and frequently bordered on incoherent. “Listen to me carefully. I’m… »5/15/15 9:30am5/15/15 9:30am

And Shondaland continues to spread: The Catch, a new show from Shonda Rhimes, has been picked up by

And Shondaland continues to spread: The Catch, a new show from Shonda Rhimes, has been picked up by ABC. The show’s described as a thriller featuring The Killing’s Mireille Enos, who plays a fraud investigator who gets conned herself — by her fiancé. It’s starting to feel like no one else even has a shot out there... »5/08/15 2:40pm5/08/15 2:40pm