Abby Wambach Loves Her Headers, Brain Damage Be Damned

US Women's Soccer team leaders Hope Solo and Abby Wambach appeared on the Late Show couches last night and certainly held their own against Dave's snarky line of questioning. When asked about the possible brain damage heading a soccer ball could lead to, Wambach coyly replied, "I'm sorry, what?" and used Megan Rapino's… » 7/20/11 3:48pm 7/20/11 3:48pm

Abby Wambach: "It's Our Time. It's Gonna Be Awesome."

Team USA's Lauren Cheney and Abby Wambach spoke to Good Morning America about yesterday's big 3-1 win over France. More importantly, they're prepping for Sunday's final against Japan, a team against which our ladies are undefeated. Not that that matters, as Wambach rightly points out. » 7/14/11 9:35am 7/14/11 9:35am