Extremely Fishy Planned Parenthood Lawsuit Just a Sign of Shit to Come

A newly unsealed lawsuit in Texas alleges that Planned Parenthood falsified tens of thousands of Medicare claims in order to maximize profits. Serious charges, indeed — until you take a look at who filed the lawsuit, who she works for, and how this all fits into a larger plot to win The Battle for America's Uteruses… »3/13/12 3:50pm3/13/12 3:50pm


Meet the Group Behind All Those Crappy Ultrasound Laws

This year, a rash of legislation has left the country inflamed and itchy with extreme abortion restrictions that, in many cases, would force a woman seeking to terminate her pregnancy to receive a medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasound. But if you think the legislation in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alabama,… »3/08/12 3:10pm3/08/12 3:10pm

Abortion Isn't The Only Thing Pro-Life Activists Want To Make Illegal

It's already illegal for taxpayer money to be used to fund abortions in Texas, but that's not enough for one anti-choice group. In a telecast on Monday, they announced that this spring, they're going to throw their efforts behind eliminating all funding from Planned Parenthood, by attacking local sources of funding.… »11/16/11 7:45pm11/16/11 7:45pm

Planned Parenthood Client Speaks Amid Questions Over Director's "Change Of Heart"

A reader who received abortion counseling from Planned-Parenthood-director-turned-anti-abortion-activist Abby Johnson (pictured) emailed to tell us Johnson was very familiar with abortion ultrasounds long before one supposedly caused her "conversion." Her email, and more questions about Johnson's story, after the jump. »11/04/09 12:00pm11/04/09 12:00pm