More Evidence That AA Doesn’t Effectively Address Addiction in Women

It’s not really news that Alcoholics’ Anonymous isn’t necessarily tailor-made for women with drinking problems, but a new study into the ways AA helps both sexes recover from addiction suggests that the organization isn’t quite as effective in treating female addiction as it is treating male addiction. » 7/21/13 1:30pm 7/21/13 1:30pm

My Awkward Sober Sex Life

This is how it begins. He asks me to stand before him in my lace underwear, high heels, hose and bra. He sits in a chair and watches closely as I disrobe, making approving noises, even winking to put me at ease. "Turn around please," he says and then, "Yes, right there. Stop there." Even though we've been married for… » 11/18/12 11:00am 11/18/12 11:00am

Adventures of a Female 13th-Stepper

13th Step: Those familiar with AA or 12 step meetings know that this term is used to describe the efforts of an old timer who tries to have sex with a newcomer or someone with less than a year of sobriety. For some in 12 step programs, the 13th step is getting laid. » 7/17/12 5:20pm 7/17/12 5:20pm

Small-Breasted Ladies, Burn Your (Padded) Bras!

Bra shopping can be difficult no matter what your size. But if you're small-breasted, there's a unique problem: everybody assumes you want padding. » 9/02/10 1:17pm 9/02/10 1:17pm

Mad Men: From Here To Modernity

Between budget cuts, broken homes, retro-future interior design, AA, and Swedish dating habits on last night's episode, it's clear that "old fashioned" is for the birds and "mod" is the cooler way to be. » 8/02/10 2:25pm 8/02/10 2:25pm

In Treatment: 12 Steps To Save American Apparel From Itself

American Apparel has done it again, and while they're probably doing an ironic top rock at their continued ability to rile the Man, we think it's time for an intervention. So here we go, kids: our suggested AA 12-step program: » 9/02/09 3:20pm 9/02/09 3:20pm

Loose Lips

Drew Barrymore is really getting her swerve on » 9/24/08 11:45am 9/24/08 11:45am in the wake of her breakup from Mac guy Justin Long. is reporting that she was making out with Ed Westwick, but Perez hears that she's been sucking face with Chace Crawford. Maybe she was kissing all the boys! • Recently fired host Pat O'Brien has for the second time…