Rashida Jones Steps Into the Closet for a Round of 7 Minutes in Heaven

Oh, yay! The very talented and angel-faced Rashida Jones was the most recent guest on Mike O'Brien's 7 Minutes in Heaven! While there, she performed some closet theater, played around of Horny or Super Horny and learned a little about her heritage. (Did you know that Jones' great great grandfather invented the Irish… »12/06/12 6:45pm12/06/12 6:45pm

Jon Hamm Does 7 Minutes In Heaven and You Are Not Invited

7 Minutes In Heaven has got to be one of the most fun webseries on the Internet. Did you know that Don Draper was on Ally McBeal in the nineties? Did you know Jon Hamm WON'T kiss you if you compliment The Town? Thanks, Mike O'Brien, for doing what our elementary school teachers could never pull off — we're having a… »3/27/12 7:45pm3/27/12 7:45pm