Kylie Jenner Is High as Fuck: Could She Be High?

Multiple outlets are reporting today that Kylie Jenner may have been high recently. The video that led them to such a wild theory was allegedly ripped from Jenner’s Snapchat and has since been posted on multiple fan Instagram accounts. In it, the 17-year-old says, “I’m high as fuck,” and takes a bite of some kind of… »5/08/15 2:50pm5/08/15 2:50pm


Hey, What Are Your Favorite YouTubes to Watch When You're Stoned?

If you smoke, you’ve probably already nailed down your favorite weed snacks and your favorite weed activities: members of Jezebel staff are partial to pairing elaborate cheese trays and pretzels dipped in peanut butter (sometimes jelly) with a little nail painting, cat brushing, sex having, or of course, a nice … »4/20/15 8:00pm4/20/15 8:00pm

Does Food Porn Make You Hungrier or Turn You Off From the Real Thing?

The Atlantic gives us some prime holiday content with a discussion of what a 20th-century Dutch biologist Nikolaas Tinbergen calls “supernormal stimuli”—fake and exaggerated versions of their natural equivalents, which some animals respond to more strongly than they do to the real thing. For example: »4/20/15 3:50pm4/20/15 3:50pm

Weedster May Have Been Too Much For Us To Handle

Today is a very very special day. In a most spectacular convergence, everyone’s favorite candy-related New Testament holiday has fallen on April 20, which also happens to be everyone’s favorite weed-related holiday. The event has lovingly been dubbed ‘Weedster,’ and it’s basically Haley’s comet meets the Blood Moon.… »4/20/14 4:20pm4/20/14 4:20pm

University of Colorado Spent $100K to Prevent Weed-Smoking on 4/20

The University of Colorado at Boulder spent over a hundred grand this year to prevent a massive annual group pot party on their grounds for the second year in a row. School officials closed campus to anyone who wasn't a student, saying they wanted to preserve "the academic mission of the institution." This is almost… »6/28/13 10:50am6/28/13 10:50am

A PSA On Marijuana, Courtesy Of Strangers With Candy

Strangers with Candy's Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris) is always full of twisted wisdom and words to live by, but in the clip above, it's actually her teacher Mr. Jellineck (Paul Dinello) who passes on the words of wisdom. "All I'm saying is if you wanna smoke pot, then be prepared to spend a lot of time laughing with your… »4/18/08 7:00pm4/18/08 7:00pm