3D Mammograms Improve Breast Cancer Detection

It doesn't take a scientist to know that pictures of boobs are better in 3D. Wait, no, apparently it does. According to a new study, 3D mammograms can increase the detection rate of breast cancer as well as decrease the rate of false alarms. » 6/25/14 11:00am 6/25/14 11:00am

Queen Elizabeth 3D Is the Telly Event of the Holiday Season

In her ongoing campaign to become the most endearing monarch in British history, Queen Elizabeth II recently filmed a Christmas address in which she said some awfully nice things about the Olympians who visited her country this summer. The address will be broadcast for the first time ever in 3D, but what is perhaps… » 12/24/12 12:40pm 12/24/12 12:40pm

It's Thursday: Why Not Make a Custom Dildo of Your Dong?

Is your dick so glorious that you think it needs a twin-dick? Well then I have the event for you! Right now in New York City, 3Dea is happening, a popup store/printing lab that shines a light on the art of 3D printing. The gist of it: You can get pretty much anything printed in 3D, including your penis. Yay,… » 12/06/12 11:45pm 12/06/12 11:45pm

Print Your Child a Creepy 3-D Alien Doll This Holiday Season

The "toy shop of the future" involves customizable 3-D printed dolls, apparently. Cool in theory, but they look like creepy aliens in reality. (They are bone white and have pointed ears and I think they're going to collaborate with the bionic mannequins and take over the world.) » 12/06/12 6:15pm 12/06/12 6:15pm

Can The Great Gatsby Make 3D Seem Sophisticated?

Literary classic The Great Gatsby is not a twisted work of science fiction. It's not an epic fantasy full of made-up creatures, or a gory horror tale designed to scare the crap out of you. But like recent sci-fi, fantasy and horror movies, the new Great Gatsby film will be in 3D. And director Baz Luhrmann thinks it… » 1/17/12 1:55pm 1/17/12 1:55pm

The New Gatsby Film Will Be In 3D and Shot In Australia

Yes, the Great American Novel will be adapted for people wearing very silly glasses and will be shot in a country that is not America. Kind of like how in Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments, all of the Egyptians were played by white people in brunette wigs and bronzer, plus Yul Brynner, who was Russian. » 2/20/11 6:56pm 2/20/11 6:56pm

Lanvin For H&M Rumored To Be In Works

James Cameron Thinks Oscar-Winning Film The Hurt Locker Could Be…

The director adds, of the movie made by his ex-wife: "It wouldn't have been hugely better in 3D, but I'm talking about a future when you don't have to put 'in 3D' on the movie poster anymore." » 8/17/10 1:47pm 8/17/10 1:47pm

Discrimination Against The Bespectacled: Now In 3-D!

Life was hard enough for those of us who wear glasses. Slipping down your nose in hot weather, flying off during exercise, inhibiting kissing: we deal with these quotidian indignities. But now, the unkindest cut of all: movies in 3D. » 7/12/10 3:40pm 7/12/10 3:40pm

The New Issue Of Glamour Appeals To The 6-Year-Old In All Of Us

The November issue of Glamour » 10/02/08 12:30pm 10/02/08 12:30pm magazine has little purple circle on the cover, with copy that reads "3D Bonus Section: Get Your Glasses On Page 63." And seriously? There are 3D GLASSES inside the magazine! Plus, a few edit pages are printed to be 3D, which means they're all blurry, but they turn three dimensional when…