Squatter at TedCruz.com Keeps Trolling Ted Cruz

The 2016 Presidential campaign officially kicked off today with Republican rubber-face Ted Cruz announcing his candidacy for president. Trolling of the 2016 election also kicked off today, as everybody noticed somebody who very much does not like Cruz had already grabbed the domain TedCruz.com. » 3/23/15 5:30pm 3/23/15 5:30pm

CNN Parodies Too Many Cooks, GOP Parodies 'Stay Thirsty,' We Go Insane

Even though the 2016 Presidential election is still more than 19 months away, we're already deep into political-parodies-less-funny-than-the-original-thing-that-was-funny-several-months-or-years-ago territory. Yo, Canada: I'm coming. » 3/20/15 10:50am 3/20/15 10:50am

50 Things Cooler Than Mitt Romney Running for President [Update]

According to The Daily Beast, Mitt 'Mittsdemeanor' Romney, Esquire, former Governor of Massachusetts and since perpetual Presidential also-ran, is announcing today that he's running for President in 2016. I guess when you're a millionaire with a car elevator, you can treat running for President the way urban… » 1/30/15 10:50am 1/30/15 10:50am

Hillary Is Taking Her Sweet-Ass Time Launching Her 2016 Campaign 

Hillary Clinton, who is not not running for President, is not not starting her campaign later than most candidates, because nobody in the Democratic field is mounting even the meekest of realistic challenges to her assumed candidacy. » 1/29/15 11:50am 1/29/15 11:50am

'Nobody' Is Trying to Ban Birth Control, Says Guy Who Tried to Ban It

Today, probable 2016 Republican Presidential hopeful Rand Paul told a crowd in Iowa that "Nobody here" was trying to ban birth control. Either Rand Paul has a terrible memory, or he has such low self esteem that he considers himself "nobody," because just last year, Rand Paul cosponsored a bill that would have banned… » 8/06/14 2:30pm 8/06/14 2:30pm

Time Hillary Clinton Cover Features Giant, Mean Lady High Heel

This week's Time cover story is on Hillary Clinton's unannounced but somehow still unassailable candidacy for President. To illustrate this, they use a stock photo of a woman's heel nearly crushing a tiny hapless man. » 1/16/14 5:15pm 1/16/14 5:15pm

Bill Clinton Thinks a Woman Should Be President. Hint Hint.

Former President Bill Clinton, currently Clintoning around in China, told a rapt crowd of conventioneers that he hopes the next President is a woman. Gee, I wonder if Bill Clinton knows any women who might want to be President? Let me think. It's on the tip of my tongue. » 11/18/13 10:35am 11/18/13 10:35am

We're Already Talking About Hillary Clinton's 'Presidential Diet'

If Hillary Clinton were to run for President in 2016, she'd have a lot of ducks to get in a row — fundraising, amassing an army of volunteers, getting key endorsements, building a killer staff to fuel her unstoppably Hillary Machine. Dozens of extra-shiny flag lapel pins, I'd imagine. Here's something that would… » 8/08/13 10:50am 8/08/13 10:50am