Donald Trump Gave Less Than $10,000 to Charity Over 7 Years. Sad! 

Donald Trump, one of those piles of sand by a highway, has promised us so much and has delivered so little. He’s promised us that the Trump name is synonymous with success; that’s a hard no. He’s promised us he cherishes women, perhaps only as collectibles. He’s promised us his fingers are long, but we’ve seen them.


'She’s Never Made Me Cringe': Stalking Carly Fiorina in New Hampshire

On Friday morning, former New Hampshire state representative Marilinda Garcia introduced Carly Fiorina in the basement of Manchester’s Millyard Museum at an event called “Coffee With Carly.” Around 8:45 a.m., the guest of honor slid out awkwardly from behind a large “Take Our Country Back” sign to a few polite whoops.

Hello from New Hampshire! Join Jezebel for a Picturesque Weekend of Primary Politics

Aloha from the campaign trail! We’re staying by an electrical station in Manchester, New Hampshire for a few days to cover some events leading up to the New Hampshire primary, which will be taking place on Tuesday, February 9. Will we run into Carly Fiorina eating a hardboiled egg in a diner? Will we catch Bernie…

Saba Ahmed, President of the Republican Muslim Coalition, Thinks Trump Could Be a Great Candidate

Jezebel readers likely know Saba Ahmed as the woman who threw Olympic-level shade on Fox News when she wore an American flag hijab. She is also the 30-year-old founder and president of the Republican Muslim Coalition, and she has as much patience for GOP fuckery as anyone I’ve encountered.


Quiz: Which '90s Version of a Current Presidential Candidate Are You?

For the past eight months, we’ve become intimately familiar with our presidential hopefuls. We know how they twitch under pressure, who their wives are, what television shows they pretend to watch. But these candidates weren’t always candidates. In fact, while you were watching Daria and playing with pogs, these…

Marco Rubio Is the Borderline Normal Human Being of the GOP's Dreams

The bar has been set extraordinarily low for the one hundred lady and gentlemen vying for the Republican presidential nomination: be less crazy than the criminally insane Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. The only challenge is how to be the most reasonable, preferably likable alternative to those two leading trolls.