'She’s Never Made Me Cringe': Stalking Carly Fiorina in New Hampshire

On Friday morning, former New Hampshire state representative Marilinda Garcia introduced Carly Fiorina in the basement of Manchester’s Millyard Museum at an event called “Coffee With Carly.” Around 8:45 a.m., the guest of honor slid out awkwardly from behind a large “Take Our Country Back” sign to a few polite whoops.

Hello from New Hampshire! Join Jezebel for a Picturesque Weekend of Primary Politics

Aloha from the campaign trail! We’re staying by an electrical station in Manchester, New Hampshire for a few days to cover some events leading up to the New Hampshire primary, which will be taking place on Tuesday, February 9. Will we run into Carly Fiorina eating a hardboiled egg in a diner? Will we catch Bernie…


Ben Carson Chased Down and Befriended His Own Carjackers, According to Candy Carson

Ben Carson, who would tell you God saved him from a car crash and that he stabbed a guy when he was 14, is definitely your middle school camp friend who lied about her middle name for no reason. The lies were small at first, but they were meaningful. Even as a 12-year-old, you knew she was just trying to make you like…