Get to Know Mike Pence and All of the Very Bad Legislation He's Signed 

Earlier today, Donald Trump announced on Twitter that Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana, had been chosen as his vice presidential candidate. Pence, 57, is a deeply traditional choice, he’s a standard old-school Republican who hews more closely to the GOP’s ideology than Trump. Pence is religious and speaks often of his…

Donald Trump's Mosquito Struggle Just Desecrated the Memory of Bernie Sanders' Bird

Can you remember all the way back to March, when Bernie Sanders—at the time, a doofy Vermont senator who had overcome all odds by running a major campaign based on free love and free kush—was speaking at a rally in Portland, Oregon, when all of a sudden a tiny bird landed on his lectern? Have you ever been more filled…

Trump Campaign Hires 'Gender Gap' Expert Kellyanne Conway, Who Touts 'Femininity, Not Feminism'

Today, the Trump campaign announced the hire of Kellyanne Conway, a Republican pollster who touts herself as an expert on the “gender gap.” In a statement, the campaign said that Conway will serve as senior advisor to campaign chair, Paul Manafort. The campaign noted that Conway is “widely regarded as an expert on…


Donald Trump Gave Less Than $10,000 to Charity Over 7 Years. Sad! 

Donald Trump, one of those piles of sand by a highway, has promised us so much and has delivered so little. He’s promised us that the Trump name is synonymous with success; that’s a hard no. He’s promised us he cherishes women, perhaps only as collectibles. He’s promised us his fingers are long, but we’ve seen them.