Female Boxers May Have a Slightly Lower Risk of Cognitive Side Effects

Public concern that high-impact sports such as football, hockey, and boxing leave their participants with traumatic brain injuries has increased dramatically in recent years, but preliminary results from a study conducted at the Cleveland Clinic's Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health suggest that women in head-butting… »7/26/12 2:45pm7/26/12 2:45pm

U.S. Women’s Volleyball Team Will Continue to Rock Their Bikinis

Despite a new rule that allows female volleyball players to compete in shorts and t-shirts (and thus allow countries whose strict religious rules forbid women from getting full enjoyment out of the summer heat), the U.S. women insist that they will be wearing their bikinis because, dammit, it's still summer and… »7/26/12 1:00pm7/26/12 1:00pm

Australian Paper Incites Backlash After Shittily Suggesting that Swimmer Leisel Jones Is Fat

Body-snarking Olympic athletes is pretty much a lose-lose proposition because A of all, Olympic athletes are Olympic athletes, and have therefore honed their bodies to do one particular task better than just about every other schlub on the planet, and B of all, it's super rude to criticize the way someone else looks… »7/25/12 11:55pm7/25/12 11:55pm

Olympian and MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey Thinks Michael Phelps Is Kind of an Asshole

Ronda Rousey, who took home the bronze medal in judo at the Beijing Olympics, has talked about the less lurid camaraderie among Olympians, saying that hanging out with all the world's various superhumans for a few weeks in the summer is super fun. The MMA fighter and Strikeforce bantamweight champion (which all sounds… »7/22/12 2:00pm7/22/12 2:00pm

Web Company Sponsors Female Weight Lifter Living in Poverty

US weight lifter Sarah Robles is one of the strongest women in the world, so it's extra admirable that when she was living on a paltry $400 per month stipend as she trained to compete for the US in the upcoming Olympic games, she didn't resort to using her formidable muscles to intimidate people into giving her their… »7/17/12 12:20pm7/17/12 12:20pm

17-Year-Old Will Be the First U.A.E. Woman to Lift Heavy Objects at the Olympics

A 17-year-old girl named Khadija Mohammed will make history this summer when she becomes not only the first female weightlifter from the Persian Gulf to attend the Olympics, but also the first woman from the United Arab Emirates to qualify outright for Olympics. She'll be lifting in the 75-kilogram (about 165 pounds)… »7/15/12 3:00pm7/15/12 3:00pm

Hope Solo Says that the Olympic Village Is Just a Giant, Booze-Fueled Orgy for Super Fit People

Here's yet another reason to get excited about the fast-approaching summer games: the Olympic Village, according to one Olympian, is really just a "frat party with a really nice gene pool," filled with people who can probably do all crazy kinds of sex tricks with their nimble bodies. »7/12/12 11:55pm7/12/12 11:55pm

The Chinese Women's Olympic Volleyball Team Stopped Eating Meat… and Stopped Playing Well

The Chinese women's Olympic volleyball team allegedly didn't do so well in the recent FIVB World Grand Prix finals because they hadn't eaten meat for weeks. No, the women aren't PETA advocates; they're abstaining from meat because they're afraid to get any clenbuterol in their system. »7/05/12 7:00pm7/05/12 7:00pm

How Sending Female Athletes to the Olympics May Be Bad for Saudi Women

After much arm twisting from the International Olympic Committee, Saudi Arabia has said "uncle" and given up making excuses for why it's one of three countries that has never sent a woman to compete in the Olympic Games. But although the presence of a Saudi female athlete in London may appear encouraging to outsiders,… »7/02/12 10:50am7/02/12 10:50am