Four Fabulous Fibs From The Scrumtrelescent Mind of Michele Bachmann

After years of being out-deceived by men, women are finally catching up. And leading the charge is Minnesota dynamo Michele Bachmann, obliterating the Lies-Out-The-Ass Ceiling and clearing the way for the rest of America's female liars to believe that they too can fake it all the way to the top. How much did she fib… »10/12/11 5:10pm10/12/11 5:10pm

Michele Bachmann's Victory at Iowa Straw Poll Pretty Much Guarantees She Won't Be President

Minnesota Republican and general wolf-in-Holly Golightly's clothing Michele Bachmann won yesterday's famed Iowa Straw Poll, narrowly defeating challenger Ron Paul and leaving the rest of the competition in the dust. While her campaign's celebrating what it claims is a decisive victory on Bachmann's quest to be the… »8/14/11 12:10pm8/14/11 12:10pm