Old-Timey Sex Counselor and Angel's Wife(?) Subject of New Bio

Philadelphia-born Ida C. Craddock was a 19th century writer and free thinker who claimed to be married to a man from "the world beyond the grave," spoke to him by Ouija board (the first Gchat) and promoted "ecstatic bliss." Mavericky! » 12/11/10 2:50pm 12/11/10 2:50pm

Skirting The Issue

If a hoop skirt strikes you as an unlikely agent of feminist change, you'd be in good company. But an exhibit at Paris's Palais Galliera seeks to make just this argument. Despite its obvious restrictions, a crinoline provided a measure of comfort: one was not required to wear heavy undergarments and could move with… » 12/15/08 6:45pm 12/15/08 6:45pm