Here's What You Need to Binge on Mad Men and the '60s All Weekend

It’d be hard to argue with the claim that besides all the great characters, and the beautifully written dialogue, the biggest reason Mad Men (coming to a close this Sunday) was a hit was because it was about one our recent favorite decades in American history. Baby boomers, man.
» 5/16/15 11:30am 5/16/15 11:30am

It Was the Seventies! Tippi Hedren Once Kept Lions as Pets

Perhaps one of the greatest stories of Hollywood glamour and ego gone wrong is the one of Tippi Hedren and then-husband Noel Marshall illegally breeding lions on their California property. Hedren was insistent that the big cats—like lions, tigers and panthers—made great pets. Case in point, here's a lion cuddling » 3/12/15 6:15pm 3/12/15 6:15pm

This Is What Dating in New York City in 1974 Was Like

In 1974, a dozen single men and a dozen single women talked to the New York Times about their love lives for two articles on dating in the city that never sleeps (but definitely has sex). After the pieces were released, the Times got all the subjects together for drinks, which resulted in third piece about how their… » 3/12/15 5:15pm 3/12/15 5:15pm

The Wrap Dress Myth: How "Easy" And "Flattering" Is It Really?

I came across yet another paeon » 11/19/08 12:40pm 11/19/08 12:40pm to the wrap dress this morning - the wardrobe "essential" that Diane Von Furstenberg pioneered in the 1970s, and I started to really think about it. The wrap dress is lauded for being day-to-evening, sexy-but-professional, good-on-any-body, ideal for travel, and timeless. But how true…