It's Not Just Baby Boomers Who Looove TV Shows About the Second Wave

Baby boomers get a lot of flack for glorifying the golden days of the 1960s through television, from programs like Mad Men to CNN’s The Sixties. But as recent pilot pick-ups suggest, their children have been indoctrinated into this obsession as well: A wealth of shows have come up in recent years fixated not on just… »10/14/15 12:40pm10/14/15 12:40pm

Let's All Take a 1965 'Bachelor Party' Tour for Singles to Ireland! 

Hey there, sexy singles. It's Saint Patrick's Day after a long, harsh winter, and so I know you've got the urge to travel. Well, consider this 1965 brochure issued by one Gramercy Tours for a 21-day jaunt to Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Special twist: It's a Bachelor Party, just for single people. »3/17/15 3:30pm3/17/15 3:30pm

Your Morning Cry: Leonard Nimoy's Touching 1968 Advice Column Answers Teen Biracial Girl

While the William Shatner era of Star Trek isn't exactly the first thing that springs to mind as a predecessor of the "It Gets Better" anti-bullying movement, Buzzfeed's got an excerpt from the advice pages of a 1968 teen magazine called Fave displays Leonard Nimoy's sensitivity to the plight of one particular young… »3/16/13 12:00pm3/16/13 12:00pm

The Ladies' Guide To Football Promises To Tell You Dumb Broads What All The Man-Fuss is About

Women comprise nearly half of the NFL's viewing audience nowadays, but this wasn't always the case. Back in the 60's, America's wives were positively flummoxed by the confusing and male-dominated arena of football enjoying. It was enough to make a gal feel left out and abandoned! Tensions ran high! We were on the… »10/19/11 3:55pm10/19/11 3:55pm

Mad Men Is Stimulating Consumerism In The Midst Of A Recession

Each week, Mad Men »8/12/08 1:00pm8/12/08 1:00pm has been killing me softly with its wardrobe and set design. That era of early to mid-'60s is undeniably attractive, particularly all the Eames-style furnishings and wall art. But it's the waist-cinching, curve hugging dresses that really get me. They only further prove my point that tent dresses…