Plan the Perfect Baby Boom Christmas With This 1949 Lady Mag

Running a little behind on the seasonal decor? Me too! Don't you worry, though—I've got here in my hot little hands the magazine that's gonna save our bacon, by telling us everything we need to know to throw the perfect all-American Baby Boom-era Christmas celebration: A December 1949 issue of Woman's Home Companion,… » 12/19/14 12:10pm 12/19/14 12:10pm

Footage of 1955 Disneyland Might Make You Want to Visit Disneyland?

The dentist chair*, the DMV, Whole Foods at 2pm on Fourth of July. That's a list of places I'd rather be than at that funhouse hell hole known as Disneyland. » 7/08/13 2:20pm 7/08/13 2:20pm

Girls Still Sociologically Encouraged To Be With the Band, Not In the…

It seems that the days of groupies getting traded between rock bands for $50 and a case of beer weren't left to James Cameron's nostalgic film lens. Professor William T. Bielby has examined the sociological roots of rock groupiedom and its continued pervasiveness in a piece entitled Rock in a Hard Place: Grassroots… » 7/28/12 12:30pm 7/28/12 12:30pm

It's 1950 So It's Socially Acceptable To Cover Our Telephones In Mink

Guys, are you sick of your J.Crew paisley iPhone cover? Drape it in a rodent, yo. (Apologies to the anti-fur readers, who may not appreciate this quite as much. Remember it was a different time) » 6/16/12 3:45pm 6/16/12 3:45pm

The Playboy Wannabes

With names like Scamp, Rogue, and Vagabond, a new crop of men's magazines in the late 50s and early 60s tried to get a piece of the Playboy and Esquire action. (We get the girlie, but not the chest-hair backdrop.) » 11/11/10 6:39pm 11/11/10 6:39pm

Cookie Diet

Is there anything more American than a Thin Mint? Or more delicious than a Tagalong? Get schooled in the history of the Girl Scout Cookie with this quick slide show. And then celebrate with a box - or three. [TheBigMoney] » 4/09/10 11:20am 4/09/10 11:20am

"1950s Remedies For Abnormal And Normal Men And Women"

"Don't be old-fashioned," says this sex manual from the oh-so-enlightened 1950s. Topics include "first bridal sex act" (hottt) and "sensation parts of woman" — but why is the very first one on the list "blood relation marriage?" [Vintage Ads] » 10/26/09 7:45pm 10/26/09 7:45pm

Wait: Even In The 50s, Men Had Feelings?

In the article "Touchy-Feely 'Mad Men'? My Mom's Love Letters Show a Softer '50s Male," this writer explored a cache of his mother's old love letters and learned that men of the 50s were not, in fact-2D. » 8/26/09 6:00pm 8/26/09 6:00pm

You, Madam, Are No Bettie Page

As a few articles from the weekend prove, women who fancy themselves "Modern Pin-Ups" often ignore the realities of the 1950s. (But, yes, the hair was great!) » 4/27/09 4:00pm 4/27/09 4:00pm

Brave Reporter Takes On The Sacred Cow Of 1950s Suburbia

Because Betty Draper makes it look so idyllic (?), a Daily Mail writer takes on the brave task of living as a Mad Men wife for a week. » 4/02/09 2:40pm 4/02/09 2:40pm

Oldie But Goodie

If women are leaving science careers in droves, you can't blame the Gilbert company, whose 1958 "Lab Technician Set For Girls" probably gave a lot of budding Marie Curies their first crack at chemistry! Why, you ask, couldn't they just use a regular old "boy's" chemistry set? And why, for that matter, was "lab… » 12/10/08 6:40pm 12/10/08 6:40pm

Oldies But Goodies

A tipster sent us a swell Friday treat: 1951's The Home Economics Story » 11/07/08 2:30pm 11/07/08 2:30pm, from the Home Ec Division of Iowa State. The film follows Kay, an earnest high school student who is inspired to pursue the exciting path of Home Economics after seeing a riveting assembly speaker. After arriving at college, Kay and her friends…

Good Housekeeping

Sadie here. When we saw this 1955 "Good Housewife's Guide" » 10/14/08 1:30pm 10/14/08 1:30pm from , I promptly forwarded it to my fiance, (sleeping at home, natch) who, by its standards, is a lamentably poor house husband. He neither has dinner prepared for me, removes my shoes, speaks in a low, soothing and pleasant voice, nor "knows his place." Let…