Amazon Removes Guide to Date Rape After Outcry

After backlash on the Internet, Amazon has removed an eBook entitled LMR Exposed: How To Overcome Her Last Minute Resistance To Sex, Turn 'No' Into 'Yes' And Get The Lay! Everything that's wrong with the book is summed up in its title: it's a guide that outlines how to coerce a resistant woman into having sex with you. » 1/31/14 1:20pm 1/31/14 1:20pm

Amazon is making it harder to sell Bigfoot porn ebooks

Erotica featuring Sasquatch, minotaurs, aliens, and boar gods may not fit everyone's tastes, but some authors have made a killing selling monster sex ebooks. But some ebook retailers, notably Amazon, have been cracking down on cryptozoological smut, making it harder for writers to sell their books to readers who are… » 12/22/13 2:26pm 12/22/13 2:26pm

There's More Where This Disgusting, Hilarious Kleenex Review Came From

Anyone who's ever lived under the same roof with a teenaged boy is familiar with some of the more...awkward facets of that experience. Puberty's hard on everyone, even the bystanders. Which is perhaps why this Amazon review of Kleenex tissues—titled "a mother's struggle"—is currently going viral on Twitter. » 12/20/13 4:30pm 12/20/13 4:30pm

Farrah Abraham's Fans Are Furnishing Her Home Through Amazon Wish List

Last week, Farrah Abraham tweeted a link to her Amazon wish list, asking fans to purchase her more than $13,000 worth of gifts—and they did. Now the reality star/"sex tape" star has replenished her list, asking for some more furniture, kitchen appliances, and odds and ends for her home. Let's review the list. » 8/28/13 5:50pm 8/28/13 5:50pm

55-Gallon Drum of Lube Makes a Terrible Dog Swimming Pool, Says Amazon…

Do you ever look around your sex dungeon, see the desiccated fuck-doll crocheted out of all the pubic hair you've collected from public restrooms over the years, and think, "You know, I could really use a 55-gallon drum of water-based personal lubricant"? If this is the sort of dilemma you regularly find yourself… » 3/15/13 6:40pm 3/15/13 6:40pm

'Keep Calm and Rape' T-Shirts Pulled From Amazon UK, But Why The Fuck…

T-shirts being sold on Amazon UK from a company called Solid Gold Bomb, which includes 638 oh-so-witty riffs on the "Keep Calm" slogan such as "Keep Calm and Knife" and "Keep Calm and Kill," have been pulled from the site after they were barraged with negative product reviews and critical Tweets for their selection… » 3/02/13 1:00pm 3/02/13 1:00pm

Sorry, but Amazon Probably Won’t Let Nana Review Your E-Novel Anymore

The licentious world of Amazon literary criticism may soon be much more tightly regulated, at least as far as nepotism is concerned. The New York Times reports that Amazon's criticism sentries are cracking down on the glowing book reviews obviously dashed off by an author's family member, friend, or sycophantic pet… » 12/24/12 6:45pm 12/24/12 6:45pm

Covet These Ridiculously Beautiful Book Covers by the Woman Who…

We all know that at this point, the only reason we own books is to make sure guests know we own books. Or, in some cases, that we can read. If you're one of those pretentious d-bags who judges a date by the content of their bookshelves, come sit next to me and let's read in silence because we're kindred spirits. » 12/19/12 3:50pm 12/19/12 3:50pm

Amazon Customers Go Rogue, Hilariously Review Bic's Idiotic Pen for…

We've discussed the ridiculousness of Bic for Her — the pen specially marketed towards women, which, no, does not mean that they're branded with the face of Betty Friedan — in the past, but it seems that consumers have now taken the mocking of the product into their own hands via Amazon UK, a site where you can now… » 8/27/12 11:50am 8/27/12 11:50am

Walking In On Your Mom 'Bating to 50 Shades of Grey Will Ruin Mother’s…

Consider SNL's parodic Amazon commercial a cautionary tale about bringing your mom breakfast in bed next Sunday — don't invade her private boudoir of onanism just to give her a platter of burned toast and orange juice from concentrate, because the half-hearted gesture won't erase a year's worth of filial apathy and… » 5/06/12 1:30pm 5/06/12 1:30pm