Adele Seriously Needs to Emphasize Her Damn Consonants

Adele’s “Hello,” the most popular song on earth, is a miasma of sustained notes and guttural emotion conveying heartbreak that is viscerally relatable to just about everyone over the age of eight. But even if you like the song and its itinerant remixes, it has one clear drawback, as recently illuminated by the New… »11/19/15 12:20pm11/19/15 12:20pm

Adele Reveals New Album Title, Details in Rambling Open Letter to True Believers

News that Adele might be releasing an album sometime soon have been exciting the internet for some time, but the speculation grew to a fever pitch over the weekend when the artist teased what appeared to be some new music on Twitter. Now, Adele wants all the fans to know that 25 is coming. She doesn’t know exactly… »10/21/15 1:10pm10/21/15 1:10pm