This Hillary Clinton Selfie Is the Best Thing You'll See Today

Do you remember what life was like before Hillary Clinton joined Twitter? I can barely mentally reconstruct those dark times: everything was a bit muted, muffled in a palpable layer of disappointment, and everyone was always muttering, "There must be more to life than this..." as they shuffled along despondently.

Then along came @HillaryClinton. On the first day, she put "pantsuit aficionado" in her bio and saw that it was good. For the next three days she rested. On the fourth day, though, she created "the Clinstagram"© and saw that it was BETTER THAN GOOD:

Hillary is so cool. Hillary is the King of the Selfie. Also, Hillary knows what an MT is, when just last week I had to Google "what is MT (not short for mountain) twitter thing" and I am a millennial.



Image via Twitter.