The Lindsay Lohan Reality Experience Is Coming to OWN

According to the starstruck executives at OWN, Oprah has landed the interview of the millennium, or, at the very least, an interview with a millennial: Lindsay Lohan will offer her first post-rehab musings to Oprah's patient visage. Not only that, but the new-and-improved, post-rehab Lindz will also star in a short reality series on OWN, because there's nothing that helps a floundering showbiz career quite like stint in reality television. (If you could find Denise Richards, she'd definitely attest to that.)

Lohan's 90-day rehab heel-cooling is scheduled to be over on July 31. Her sit-down with Oprah will tape and air in August, followed closely by an eight-part documentary series, presumably about Lohan handles life on the Outside. A Very Lindsay August will conclude with the August 28th premiere of The Canyons. Look for it at a West Coast Video near you! [Access Hollywood, Page Six]

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  • Sebastian Silva, the director of the new Michael Cera mescaline road-trip movie Crystal Fairy, said (and I'm paraphrasing) that kids simply must have some drugs, but only of the spiritual, hallucinogenic variety (i.e. NO METH). In other words:The Lindsay Lohan Reality Experience Is Coming to OWN
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  • This is possibly the best thing to come out of Sharknado: The Lindsay Lohan Reality Experience Is Coming to OWN

Image via AP, Chris Pizzello