The Royal Baby's been born so does this mean we can finally take a break from the endless Royal Birth cable news coverage? Probably not! There's still the whole naming thing to get "excited" about and after that comes a lifetime of scrutiny until the Boy King peacefully lives out his reign or goes mad with power, builds a throne of swords, fills his palace with dragon skulls and is ultimately overthrown. WHO KNOWS? It could really go either way.

As we've all noticed, the extent of the coverage has been a bit much (and, yes, as someone who's written about the Royal Birth quite a bit, I know that I am part of the problem — this is my cross to bear). Luckily, as is so often the case in trying times, The Daily Show is there to help us cope. Let's hear it for the Best Fucking News Team. And the random horses who hang out in British pubs. (Especially the random horses who hang out in British pubs.)