Cosmo Is Still Terribly Concerned About Your Pubes

The May issue of Cosmopolitan featured four stencils for your pubic hair. Now, the brand-new September issue has a HUGE coverline which yells, "Untamed Va-jay-jays: Guess Which Sexy Style Is Back." Lord. » 8/13/10 1:45pm 8/13/10 1:45pm

Snooki Has Been Vajazzled

Last night on Lopez Tonight, the cast of Jersey Shore played an enlightening game of "I Never" with Kathy Griffin. Among things, we learned that all of them have hooked up with someone famous, and that Snooki has been vajazzled. » 7/13/10 11:02am 7/13/10 11:02am

Kathy Griffin's Poolside Pap Smear Will Be Televised

Inspired by Katie Couric's on-air colonoscopy, today Kathy Griffin will film herself getting a pap smear to raise awareness about cervical cancer. Unlike Couric, Griffin's exam will be performed poolside, and she's "vajazzled" her lady bits for the occasion. » 4/16/10 5:00pm 4/16/10 5:00pm