Bill Cosby Still Retains Over 40 Honorary Degrees

Recently a bevy of universities have announced their decisions to revoke the honorary degrees they once bestowed on Bill Cosby. Fordham, Spelman, and Brown are just three of the institutions that have ended their association with the comedian, implying their condemnation of rape and sexual assault. But Cosby still… »10/27/15 3:35pm10/27/15 3:35pm


Post secondary education in America is not exactly what it's cracked up to be (unless we're strictly

Post secondary education in America is not exactly what it's cracked up to be (unless we're strictly talking about debt). Check out this piece by Kevin Carey in the New York Times exploring that while the US is quick to highlight the failures of our K-12 education, our college graduates are also falling behind… »6/28/14 4:40pm6/28/14 4:40pm

Bianca Jagger to Speak on Oxford’s Shitty Sexual Assault Track Record

Bianca Jagger, persistent activist and former wife of Mick Jagger, will be using her opportunity as this year’s Longford Lecturer to speak out against Oxford University, one of the most venerated institutions of higher learning, for not taking its female students seriously when they make rape and sexual assault… »6/02/13 12:30pm6/02/13 12:30pm

Principal Pointlessly Threatens Student Who Protested Abstinence Rally

Katelyn Campbell, the high school student who notified the media about Pam Stenzel's insane abstinence-only presentation last week, is apparently being threatened by her principal. She says that George Aulenbacher, the principal at George Washington High School in West Virginia, said he'd call Wellesley College —… »4/18/13 9:33am4/18/13 9:33am

Don't Even Worry About Those Drunk Pics of You Streaking. Your College Has It Covered.

For a long time, when you googled my BFF, now a successful literary manager, one of the first things that popped up was a review of a production of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra that she directed in the basement of a pizzeria. The review was, how do I put this, fucking awful and specifically called my friend out… »12/27/12 6:50pm12/27/12 6:50pm

UC Berkeley Sex Columnist: Have Sex in the Library, UC Berkeley Librarian: Please Don't Have Sex in the Library

Katie already reported on the phenomenon of library sex — please sing that in your heads to the tune of Birthday Sex and later let's rewrite the words, OK? — but just to recap, Nadine Cho, the sex columnist for UC Berkeley's student paper The Daily Californian, encouraged students to get down and dirty in the stacks.… »12/16/12 11:00pm12/16/12 11:00pm

Going to College Makes You Gain Weight, But Also, So Does Not Going to College, So Who Knows

Sorry Sophomores, I bet you thought you were in the clear if you made it through your Freshman year without ballooning into a big fat fatty. Wrong! While the "Freshman 15" is not a thing — actually, the fear of gaining extra pounds is probably more taxing to your body than the weight itself — it seems we had to find… »10/16/12 10:00am10/16/12 10:00am

U.K. Vet School Wrings Its Hands Over Dearth of White Guys

The U.K.'s Royal Veterinary College has decided that, since not enough white men are enrolling in its program, it ought to recruit them more aggressively. To that end, the college has included white men among the underrepresented minority groups that it targets in publicity materials, which have been specially crafted… »8/19/12 2:00pm8/19/12 2:00pm

Just Because Cheerleading Is Hard Doesn't Mean It's a Sport

Two, four, six, eight, to whom do we not allocate? Cheerleaders! At least, that's what the Second US Circuit Court has ruled in a case that pitted women's volleyball against competitive cheerleading. According to the ruling, although cheerleading is physically demanding, it doesn't qualify as a Title IX sport, and… »8/08/12 11:30am8/08/12 11:30am

Colleges Soon Required to Give Students Access to Free Sluttery-Causing Birth Control

On Friday, the Obama administration released a 32-page document clarifying some rules about the Affordable Care Act's Preventative Care Mandate. Namely, since birth control is preventative care and since preventative care is required to be fully covered by employer-sponsored insurance, colleges and universities will… »3/19/12 1:30pm3/19/12 1:30pm

It's Time to Stop Sneaking Vegetables Into Your Children's Desserts

You've probably heard of this whole cooking genre that's sprung up around parents sneaking vegetables into otherwise delicious sounding things like cakes and cookies. Well, a new study has looked into how accepting of these sneakily nutritious snacks kids were, and it's beginning to seem like going to the trouble of… »3/02/12 4:00pm3/02/12 4:00pm

Yale University Discovers Firsthand the Awful Results of Gender Cohabitation

When Yale University introduced gender neutral housing for seniors, it was an experiment to see what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real, and also a test to see whether male/female cohabitation might work for the general student population. And after a trial period allowing upperclassmen to… »1/10/12 2:30pm1/10/12 2:30pm