Politician Tells a Reporter She's Very Attractive, But No Comment

Steve Cohen, a democratic Congressman from Tennessee, has been having a rough time. This week, a paternity test revealed that the child he thought was his illegitimate daughter is actually not his illegitimate daughter. That's the same almost-daughter people had speculated Cohen was having an affair with because he… »7/18/13 4:30pm7/18/13 4:30pm

John McCain Knew The Future In The Past Because He's Always Lived There

John McCain's got quite the storied past, which is probably why he lives there most of the time! But yesterday he had more of a Back To The Future moment in which he justified his past positions based on current events that he knew then were going to happen but not because they would be an obvious result of the action… »8/08/08 10:00am8/08/08 10:00am