Hugely Restrictive Abortion Bans Advance in Spain and South Dakota

Bullshit legislation decreeing that women shouldn't have control over their own bodies and their own reproductive agency is having a good week, it seems. Both in America and overseas, lawmakers are keeping their noses to the patriarchal grindstone, hard at work attempting to severely limit women's access to safe and… » 2/12/14 7:00pm 2/12/14 7:00pm

Cougars Are Taking Back America

We so often hear about the human "predator" known as the cougar, that we sometimes forget that there are actual animals that inspired the nickname for ladies who go a-huntin' for younger manfolk. But did you know that cougars of the big cat variety very nearly went extinct during the last century? Well, they did, but… » 6/14/12 10:00pm 6/14/12 10:00pm

Exactly How Much Money Have 'Fiscal Conservatives' Wasted Defending…

Last week, a judge in Oklahoma permanently blocked the enforcement of a law that banned medicinal abortions (RU-486, or "the abortion pill") on the grounds that the law places undue burden on women seeking medical care. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a nearly identical bill into law earlier this year. The… » 5/15/12 6:20pm 5/15/12 6:20pm

The Ten Scariest Places to Have Ladyparts in America

With states governments from coast to coast working tirelessly to make sure no woman has sex for pleasure without suffering the consequences of blessed, precious motherhood, it may be tempting to believe that if you have a uterus, the entire country has become hostile territory. Well, we've got good news and bad news:… » 4/18/12 1:20pm 4/18/12 1:20pm

That Thing Where Someone Breaks Into Your House and Tries to…

It looks like we have another thing to add to the list of horrifying things that can happen when you have a baby. Police have arrested a woman in Brookings, South Dakota for breaking into another woman's house and trying to breast feed her baby. The mother called police early Sunday morning after she discovered the… » 4/09/12 9:00pm 4/09/12 9:00pm

New South Dakota Teen Sexting Bill Will Force Dozens of Midwestern…

The South Dakota state legislature is considering a bill that would clearly define what is and is not a crime when it comes teen sexting, that ill-advised horny boobies-sending pictures to each other, which means that transcripts of South Dakota legislative debates are about to get hilarious. Think "scene in every Adam… » 2/28/12 2:40pm 2/28/12 2:40pm

State Dicks Over Hundreds Of Native American Children

Imagine having social workers show up to your home to take your twin babies because someone spread an unsubstantiated rumor that you were abusing prescription drugs. Two months later, your two young daughters don't come home on the bus, and later you learn they were taken from school and put in foster care. Yeah, this » 10/26/11 11:30am 10/26/11 11:30am

The Man Who's Bankrolling South Dakota's Anti-Choice Campaign

A fund set up to defend antiabortion bills in South Dakota against legal challenges is being increasingly bankrolled by out-of-state donors. This year, over half the money donated to the fund came from an Ohio business owner who says "my businesses belong to Jesus." We decided to learn a little more about him. » 9/27/11 3:40pm 9/27/11 3:40pm

South Dakota Allowed To Make Doctors Discuss 'Existing Relationship'…

We may have a draw this week in the latest battle for abortion rights. A federal court has overturned a lower court's decision, finding that South Dakota can mandate that women seeking abortions be told they have a relationship with their fetus. Yet, since the ruling also said doctors can't tell women abortion… » 9/06/11 6:30pm 9/06/11 6:30pm

The Pro-Choice Legal Strategy

Not long ago, Rachel Maddow and Dahlia Lithwick argued that pro-choice organizations were essentially allowing the overturning of Roe by being reluctant to challenge statewide laws that might result in even more restrictions in court. Writing just as the ACLU and Planned Parenthood sue South Dakota to overturn its… » 5/27/11 2:45pm 5/27/11 2:45pm

Abortion Rises Among Low-Income Women, Falls In Other Groups

States like Indiana and Kansas are trying to block Planned Parenthood from providing health care low-income women simply because it also provides abortions. Meanwhile, the reality-based world reveals that while the abortion rate has gone down 8 percent between 2000 and 2008, it has risen nearly 18 percent among the… » 5/24/11 10:30am 5/24/11 10:30am

South Dakota Passes Draconian Abortion Restrictions

South Dakota may have dropped the bid to enable the murderers of abortion doctor, but its House and Senate have both passed a bill requiring a 72-hour wait for an abortion, which would be the longest in the nation. Most outrageously, it would require women to visit a crisis pregnancy center before undergoing a… » 3/03/11 11:16am 3/03/11 11:16am

South Dakota Was Just Kidding About Justifiable Homicide Of Abortion…

The South Dakota bill expanding the definition of justifiable homicide to protect an unborn child is, well, dead. And it looks like we can thank the national shitstorm over the fact that it appeared to legalize the killing of abortion providers. Good job, everyone! » 2/17/11 10:06am 2/17/11 10:06am

January Jones Awkwardly Disses Her Home State On The Daily Show

Last night a rather overdressed January Jones appeared on The Daily Show to promote her movie Unknown, which has some sort of secretive plot she was not at liberty to discuss. Since she had nothing else to talk about, she told Jon all about what it's like to be a South Dakotan, from their petty rivalry with North… » 2/16/11 9:25am 2/16/11 9:25am