Massive Snowman Bouncy House Has a Giant Vagina for an Entrance

Chicago's Navy Pier is hosting their annual magical Winter Wonderfest right now and one of the new attractions is a brand new 38-foot-tall "Snowman Bouncer." Except that this Snowman is clearly biologically a Snowoman. » 12/18/13 5:45pm 12/18/13 5:45pm

Scenes From A Snowman Autopsy

We were not aware that snowmen could have bowels and lungs (or for that matter, a smoking problem) but this video proves otherwise. Perhaps this is the fate of all those macabre snowpeople from Calvin and Hobbes. » 12/13/10 6:34pm 12/13/10 6:34pm

Woman Calls Police To Report Missing Snowman

This week a British woman reported a "missing person" to the police: "My snowman. I thought that with it being icy and there not being anybody about he'd be safe." But no snowman is ever safe from the wily sun! » 12/03/10 9:23am 12/03/10 9:23am

Family Asked To Cover Up Nude Snow Woman

Elisa Gonzalez and her kids were asked to clothe their Venus de Milo snow sculpture after New Jersey police received complaints. "I thought she looked more objectified and sexualized after you put the bikini on," said Gonzalez. [ via Newser] » 3/04/10 9:40am 3/04/10 9:40am