Terry Richardson Has A New Girlfriend, And She Works In Politics

Serial sexual-harasser (allegedly!) and famous fashion photographer Terry Richardson is dating Audrey Gelman, who serves as press secretary for Manhattan borough president (and 2013 candidate for the New York City mayoralty) Scott Stringer. The couple has been together since the spring, which is shortly after… »7/20/11 12:14pm7/20/11 12:14pm

Terry Richardson: "I Am A Pervert Like The Rest In Fashion"

A freelance model is alleging that Terry Richardson asked her for sexual favors in exchange for taking her picture. Though she has taken down her post about the alleged incident, we have a copy of the full chat conversation that Felice Fawn says took place between her and the renowned fashion photographer — who has… »3/31/11 2:40pm3/31/11 2:40pm