Terry Richardson Has A New Girlfriend, And She Works In Politics

Serial sexual-harasser (allegedly!) and famous fashion photographer Terry Richardson is dating Audrey Gelman, who serves as press secretary for Manhattan borough president (and 2013 candidate for the New York City mayoralty) Scott Stringer. The couple has been together since the spring, which is shortly after… » 7/20/11 12:14pm 7/20/11 12:14pm

Terry Richardson: "I Am A Pervert Like The Rest In Fashion"

A freelance model is alleging that Terry Richardson asked her for sexual favors in exchange for taking her picture. Though she has taken down her post about the alleged incident, we have a copy of the full chat conversation that Felice Fawn says took place between her and the renowned fashion photographer — who has… » 3/31/11 2:40pm 3/31/11 2:40pm

"Terry Richardson" Is This Year's Most Horrifying Halloween Costume

This didn't make our Halloween gallery, but its lack of sexy is undeniable. Our reader writes, "Not a single person spoke to me; that's how creepy I looked." If only the same went for the real "Uncle Terry." » 11/01/10 5:35pm 11/01/10 5:35pm

Terry Richardson Sings His Molester Song (Literally)

In this video, photographer and (alleged) inveterate sexual predator Terry Richardson discusses what "works" with girls, how to get magazines to publish nudie pictures, and sings a song he wrote that seems to be called, "Child Molester's Coming For You." » 9/03/10 4:45pm 9/03/10 4:45pm

14-Year-Old Just Won't Let That Pervy Photog Thing Go

Another week, another condemnation of Terry Richardson from Tavi Gevinson. In fact, the chorus of criticism of the man grows louder with each new NSFW editorial. » 5/27/10 4:20pm 5/27/10 4:20pm

Terry Richardson Explores The Artistic Ladyflower [NSFW]

The embattled titty photographer's spread (no pun intended) in the latest issue of art magazine The Journal is not safe for work. Though it does make one reconsider the word "ladyflower." » 5/11/10 2:40pm 5/11/10 2:40pm

Terry Richardson's Jersey Shore Shoot Is Pretty Much Exactly What You…

There are some fairly amusing quotes in this Interview piece featuring the boys of Jersey Shore. Unfortunately, while reading the piece, you also have to deal with the accompanying photographs (featuring Bar Refaeli), which were taken by Terry Richardson. [Interview] » 4/10/10 5:15pm 4/10/10 5:15pm

To Catch A Predator: What Are Agencies Doing To Keep Models Safe?

Given most fashion models start working in their mid-teens, Terry Richardson's alleged habit of sexually harassing the women he works with got me wondering what, if anything, is being done to protect high fashion's youngest and potentially most vulnerable workers. » 3/25/10 12:00pm 3/25/10 12:00pm

Terry Richardson Responds: "I'm Really Hurt By The Recent And False…

This morning on his personal website, photographer Terry Richardson released a statement concerning the recent allegations about his behavior during several photo shoots: » 3/20/10 12:00pm 3/20/10 12:00pm

Industry Insiders Defend Pervy Terry Richardson

The past week has been deluged with accounts of powerful fashion photographer Terry Richardson's sexual misconduct with models, particularly with some of the underage girls he's worked with. Now it's time for the insider reactions…and they're not what you'd think. » 3/19/10 4:00pm 3/19/10 4:00pm

Exclusive: More Models Come Forward With Allegations Against Fashion…

"I don't like to exploit anybody. That's not my bag. Everyone has fun on my shoots," says fashion photographer Terry Richardson. But those who work with him continue to accuse him of sexual harassment, and they've told us their stories. » 3/18/10 1:20pm 3/18/10 1:20pm

Terry Richardson's PR Pushback; Karl Lagerfeld Likes Escorts; Hello…

Meet Terry Richardson, The World's Most F—ked Up Fashion Photographer

Terry Richardson's sexual tastes run to making tampon tea, being called "Uncle Terry," and hand jobs — at least according to one model who says the fashion photographer got naked on set and suggested that she touch his dick. » 3/16/10 3:00pm 3/16/10 3:00pm