​Selfie Spinoffs Are Getting Out of Hand: Behold the 'Usie'

It's been about eight months since selfie officially gained status as the 2013 Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year, and the selfie game is stronger than ever. I suppose we will never lose interest in gazing into ourselves at arm's length and then submitting that image to friends and strangers on the internet. But now… » 7/30/14 3:10pm 7/30/14 3:10pm

The Evolution of the Selfie: It's Not About Being Pretty Anymore

The selfie has gone through many incarnations, from standing in front of an olde-tymey box camera to snapping a mirror reflection to MySpaceFace to Sparrowface to The Squinch. And now, according to Pamela Grossman, the director of visual trends at Getty Images, a new generation of girls into "ugly selfies" are staging… » 2/24/14 1:10pm 2/24/14 1:10pm

Selfie Loathing: Beyoncé Posts Pictures From Bed

Welcome back to America's premiere Vanity Smurf playground. Every Friday, we round up celebrity Instagrams and present them without comment. This week: Oprah received a fuckton of flowers for her birthday; Coco Rocha's doing roller-skate lunges; Mindy Kaling has a cute new love interest; and Beyoncé's in bed. Enjoy. » 1/31/14 6:00pm 1/31/14 6:00pm

Selfies Aren't Empowering. They're a Cry for Help.

Much virtual ink has been spilled over the past few days over the Oxford Dictionary's choice of "selfie" for 2013 word of the year. But I've noticed among the chorus of opinions on the social media self portrait an annoying trend: the selfie evangelist. Selfies are just dandy, they say, because they're a way for… » 11/21/13 12:20pm 11/21/13 12:20pm