Your Boyfriend Romeo Rose Wants to Babysit Kids

Romeo Rose, a.k.a your racist, sexist boyfriend who you loooooove sooooo much that you can't stop thinking about him, is back and requesting to babysit Austin-based children for the low, low price of $10/hour. » 7/21/14 10:30pm 7/21/14 10:30pm

Romeo Rose Is Throwing a Racist, Pro-Rape Tantrum on Twitter Right Now

Ugh, I'm so conflicted about whether or not to pay attention to Romeo Rose. Like, dude's obviously got major probs and it's tough to justify piling on the the bewildered, but then he'll drop a 20-minute tirade about how interracial dating is literally bestial gorilla-sex and I couldn't give a fuck about his feelings… » 11/07/13 7:45pm 11/07/13 7:45pm

Romeo Rose Needs You to Help Him Pay His Electric Bill

Hey, laaaaydeeeeez who are not currently fat or black or all stretched out in the vagiiiiiiner! Romeo Rose is back, he still wants your (130-lbs-or-less) boday, and this time he's bringing a little something extra to the table. A little something called "negative $400 and a refrigerator full of spoiled food." Yeah. I… » 10/23/13 1:00pm 10/23/13 1:00pm

'Sleepless in Austin' Jackass Loses Job Because of His Awful Website

Oh, and then there's this — as of Monday, racist man-child Romeo Rose is out of a job due to the fact that he's Romeo Rose. » 10/10/13 3:30pm 10/10/13 3:30pm