Hilarious Campaign Rages Against 'Mancrimination'

It’s always a little frustrating when you have a great, great idea for a funny joke and someone beats you to the punch. That’s how we felt waking up this morning to see that someone else had already stolen our idea for a campaign against “mancriminating.” Dammit. That thunking noise you hear is the entire Jezebel… »6/26/15 9:50am6/26/15 9:50am


'Tastes Like Chicken': The Grimmest Sexts You've Ever Sent or Received

On Thursday, we asked you to show us your grimmest sexts, and dear God, did you deliver. You’ve been on the receiving end of some horrifyingly unsexy propositions, sent some truly unsuccessful innuendos, participated in some conversations that just, on the whole, make our nether regions shrivel into the driest of dust… »5/15/15 2:20pm5/15/15 2:20pm

Here Are Your Own Ridiculous Stories About Sex With Famous Musicians 

Earlier this week, with great reluctance and no small amount of personal shame, we shared some of the highlights of a Reddit thread devoted to ladies swapping stories about having carnal relations with famous musicians. The comments of that post quickly became a veritable sex swamp. You people and your… »4/15/15 1:00pm4/15/15 1:00pm

Holy Shit, They Make Thin Mint Ice Cream Bars Now and We Can Buy Them

I worked hard, I tried to be a good person, I mostly failed, but the good Lord has chosen to reward me nonetheless: you can now buy a Thin Mint-flavored ice cream bar. It is available everywhere Good Humor products are sold, or it will be until I buy them all. Jesus Christ. This is the best fucking day of my life.… »4/10/15 12:30pm4/10/15 12:30pm

Sensible Religious School Fired Woman For Being Artificially Inseminated

A single woman who was fired by her Catholic school employer after announcing she was pregnant via artificial insemination says she doesn't regret her decision to pursue motherhood, even though she still hasn't found a new job. She does, however, plan on continuing to sue their holy roller asses. »12/27/11 5:15pm12/27/11 5:15pm