The 4 Reasons Misogynists Become Misogynists, According to Misogynists

A misogynist is someone who hates, dislikes or is prejudiced against women, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Unfortunately, those same people are usually unaware that their bias against women exists, which probably makes their misogyny grow. It also means that you rarely get a peek at what makes them tick.… »12/03/13 1:50pm12/03/13 1:50pm


What Turned Feminist Author Ben Straight Into A Raging Misogynist? His Book Holds A Clue...

We're getting a better picture of Benjamin Straight, author of yesterday's controversial Portrait of the Female Law Student as a pathetic, fake baguette-toting Carrie Bradshaw idolizing exercise anorexic full of misplaced righteousness and drowning in a whirlpool of media-condoned denial. (Wait, I am making it sound… »2/14/08 2:00pm2/14/08 2:00pm

"I Am A Law School Girl (Snatch, Gunch, Clam, Whisker Biscuit — Pick Your Subject Synonym)..."

"This accounts for some 80% of the gunch at law school," claims a University of Florida law student who goes by the name of Benjamin Straight, before cutting and pasting a charming essay he's composed about a sort of tragic character that, depending upon your point of view, describes either the average "law school… »2/13/08 12:30pm2/13/08 12:30pm