Most Teens Have Never Been in a Romantic Relationship, So Calm Down, Teens

On Thursday, Pew Research Center released a survey entitled “Teens, Technology and Romantic Relationships,” which seems to have been written specifically for out-of-touch parents who say things like, “Twit me later!” and, “What are you Facebooking about today?” and, “Let’s take a selfie of the Grand Canyon.” »10/01/15 5:00pm10/01/15 5:00pm

Is Brooklyn Nine-Nine Turning Into a Rom Com?

I love autumn: it’s TV’s cuffing season, when all sitcoms suddenly become rom coms. In both The Mindy Project’s Season 4 premiere earlier this month and Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s start to Season 3 this week, relationships got serious. For two seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine ran on the steam of detective Jake Peralta (Andy… »9/29/15 12:20pm9/29/15 12:20pm

It's Not the End of the World If Your Partner Isn't Attracted to You 

Relationships are strange, shape-shifting beasts. As time and circumstances change, we expect and count on attraction remaining a constant. So what happens when your partner tells you they aren’t attracted to you? What if they never really were, but still love you? Horrifying or acceptable—inevitable, even?
»9/16/15 1:10pm9/16/15 1:10pm

How Soon Is Too Soon to Shamelessly Fart in Front of Your Love Interest?

What is worse: When a guy you haven’t been seeing that long lets one rip in the car, windows-up, or when someone tells you that, because of this egregious emission, you’re supposed to conclude that he really likes you? This is the dilemma of a possibly real person seeking Internet advice, and she needs our help. »9/03/15 12:10pm9/03/15 12:10pm

Goddamn It, I've Known Who Sandra Bullock's Boyfriend Is For So Long

Earlier this month, after I’d published a story about Sandra Bullock’s “super hot” new boyfriend, a loyal reader emailed me. “Can give name and photo of Sandy B’s new bf,” their message said. My eyes widened. I felt like Bob Woodward getting a call from Deep Throat in 1972, only if Bob Woodward wrote for the Arts… »8/28/15 5:10pm8/28/15 5:10pm

Life's Not a Rom Com, You're Not a Horse, and You Don't Need a Cowboy to Tame You

Breaking news: We’ve discovered why none of your relationships work out, and it’s not because the two of you didn’t really fit, or that either of you did anything to slowly diminish the goodwill you established early on by being selfish, lazy, or totally human in some other way. It’s because you were dating men »8/19/15 11:55am8/19/15 11:55am

What Is 'Ethical Cheating,' and Is It Right for You? (Our Guess: No)

Some ideas seem inherently paradoxical, like “jumbo shrimp,” or now, “ethical cheating”—also known as having your cake and eating it with someone better looking a few times a week. It is a potential panacea for millions of people suffering silently through the unending marriage epidemic. But is it right for you? Let’s… »8/10/15 1:10pm8/10/15 1:10pm

Quirky Man Woos, Eventually Marries Woman By Quirkily Faving Her Tweets

The New York Times’ Vows section is a great place to read painfully dull love stories about couples with higher net worths than you. They tend to be about people who are so blinded by love of their love that they share every part of it—from the paint-by-numbers first date to the outfit she wore when he proposed—as if… »8/10/15 12:15pm8/10/15 12:15pm

It's the Little Disagreements That Tear a Marriage Apart

If you’re trying to make a relationship last, you’re probably trying to guard against the big fuck-ups when you think about keeping things together—the secret flirtations, the secret major purchases, hell, the secret other families. But what if it turns out the big things don’t matter anywhere near as much as the… »7/26/15 1:15pm7/26/15 1:15pm