Why Does Lindsay Lohan Sound Like an Old Lady With Emphysema?

Liz and Dick, the TV movie that was supposed to relaunch Lindsay Lohan's career may have actually been the final nail in its coffin. What really stood out about her universally-panned performance was her inability to cover up her hoarse, raspy voice. Taylor never sounded like that—not even after seven decades worth… »11/26/12 6:30pm11/26/12 6:30pm


Lindsay Lohan's Costumes in Liz & Dick: The Good, Bad and the Very Ugly

We considered reviewing Liz & Dick, but it was just so incredibly bad: Lindsay has zero sparkle, charisma or pizazz in front of the camera; there's absolutely no light in her eyes. The script was horrendous, the music didn't work, the casting — Creed from The Office? Steve from Sex and the City? — was just confusing.… »11/26/12 1:30pm11/26/12 1:30pm

It Really Doesn’t Seem Fair to Have Lindsay Lohan Mimic Elizabeth Taylor

Brave television pioneers across the country, undeterred by reports of wooden acting and clunky dialogue, have been outfitting their conestoga wagon of a living room with Barefoot pinot noir and pizza flavored Combos (don't judge me) in anticipation of tonight's 9:00 pm premiere of Liz & Dick on Lifetime. Everyone's… »11/25/12 4:30pm11/25/12 4:30pm

Critics Need to Chill Out About Lindsay Lohan Playing Liz Taylor, Writes Ardent Mean Girls Fan

In spite of — or because of, you masochistic television viewer, you — the thoroughly terrible Liz & Dick trailer, you probably won't be able to help yourself from at least DVRing Lindsay Lohan's small screen biopic comeback when it premieres on Lifetime Nov. 25. Maybe this is because you really liked Mean Girls and… »11/11/12 1:30pm11/11/12 1:30pm