Giving Thanks: Foodie Feminists Feast On Tasty Testicles

When we first got word »11/25/08 12:40pm11/25/08 12:40pm of Ljubomir Erovic's new book, , one thing became crystal-clear: After decades of jokes about busting someone's balls, I was finally going to be able to make good on the metaphor! And so, in honor of the holiday, , and joined and me for a delicious reproductive organ meat feast. The video…

Race Relations: What's So Wrong About A Rich White Woman Interested In "Africa"?

A few weeks ago, Latoya Peterson, editor of the blog Racialicious, emailed me to proffer compliments over the success of the site and talk about Jezebel's coverage of racial issues, which, she explained, she wasn't particularly thrilled with. After a few email exchanges, I called her, and we talked for what seemed… »5/07/08 3:20pm5/07/08 3:20pm