What Is the Germiest Part of Your Kitchen?

Refrigerator meat compartments, blender gaskets, can openers, and rubber spatulas are where the bulk of the germs live in your kitchen, according to a new study that suggests that we're all a bunch of filthy animals who essentially create petri dish-like environments out of our household items because we don't know… » 3/29/13 12:20pm 3/29/13 12:20pm

Pathetic Singles Drive Sales Of Tiny Cookware

The Telegraph reports that sales of single-serving cookware has increased by 140% in the past year. Some of the stuff they're buying "wouldn't look out of place in a doll's house," remarked one department store rep. » 7/23/10 2:45pm 7/23/10 2:45pm

House Beautiful

Everything from the death of a husband to increasing alcohol dependency can be fixed by remodeling the kitchen! So thought Ladies Home Journal, anyway: here's a before-and-after of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay's home. [NewYorker] » 4/14/09 11:45am 4/14/09 11:45am