Bill Clinton Helps Women in Developing Countries Get Kinda Shitty Birth Control

Former President Bill Clinton has successfully engineered a partnership that has resulted in cutting the cost of long term birth control for women in developing countries in half, proving that while there may be a term limit on the American presidency, there's no term limit on kicking ass. (If there was a movie about… »9/27/12 5:00pm9/27/12 5:00pm


School Gives 13-Year-Old Girls Birth Control Implants; Parents Apoplectic

A UK government program that allows teenager girls to receive birth control implants at school without their parents' knowledge and consent has some parents outraged. Government officials say it's an effective way to combat teen pregnancy. Parents say it's a complete violation of their rights as parents.… »2/08/12 12:20pm2/08/12 12:20pm