Actively Anti-Gay Legislator Also an Active Grindr User

Congratulations to North Dakota State Representative Randy Boehning! The formerly closeted lawmaker is now out and proud thanks to the fact that no gay dudes are going to cover for an assclown who signs anti-marriage bills and then goes trolling for young sex on the internet. It’s much better out here, Randy! The air… »4/29/15 12:10pm4/29/15 12:10pm


Women Dramatize Grindr Pickup Lines and It's Pretty Hilarious

If you've been following Ladies Looking, Second City's series of videos of women reading the gay hook-up messages that creator Tim Paul has received, you already know what you're about to see is both hilarious and educational. If you haven't seen the series yet, you should buckle in and prepare for a bumpy ride. »12/10/14 10:15pm12/10/14 10:15pm

Not Even the Poems of Emily Dickinson Can Stop Grindr's Desire for Sex

One of the nicest things about online dating is that neither hail, nor sleet, nor failure to use proper grammar will deter potential matches from trying to get down and dirty with you. And, as one Tumblr shows, not even the most depressing of Emily Dickinson's poems will stop someone from asking whether you're "DTF." »12/09/14 6:50pm12/09/14 6:50pm

Judge Judy Finally Hears Case Involving Grindr

Judge Judith Sheindlin on her worst day is smarter than you on your best, but even so she apparently had never heard of Grindr before a Judge Judy case involving two men who had met on the app that aired yesterday. And even though Sheindlin wears her luddite status as proudly as that doily around her neck, she cut… »7/01/14 4:49pm7/01/14 4:49pm

Ladies Read Cringe-Worthy Messages From Gay Hook-Up Sites

I don't know what's more awkward here, the content of some of these messages—"I want to cum in your beard"—or the spelling and grammar typos that abound when one is looking frenziedly for someone to host, but it's hilarious when the women of Second City read messages from some of the most popular gay sex apps aloud. »2/15/14 12:05pm2/15/14 12:05pm

Mobile Dating App Brings Out the Crazy in Dudes

Mobile dating app Tinder links up to your Facebook and connects you based on location and mutual attraction; the developers don't advertise it as such, but the service is essentially Grindr for straight people. "How far will a guy go when he thinks he's getting laid?" asks the 23-year-old behind "How to Lose a Guy in… »5/03/13 10:20am5/03/13 10:20am