The Least to Most Awkward Greetings, In Order

Greeting a stranger/acquaintance/boyfriend's father is such a stressful experience for me that I sometimes have to remind myself that, no matter how awkward our fumbling hands/faces/bodies are as they smoosh together, it'll all be over and forgotten soon (life is rough). We ranked the best to worst greeting gestures… » 10/01/13 7:00pm 10/01/13 7:00pm

A Brief Hello From Your Special Saturday Friend

Hey, everyone! I'm Lane Moore (intensely fast walker, allergic to enough things to make me believe that if I ever have children, evolution will not allow them to live past the age of 5) and I'm thrilled to be here guiding you through your Saturday afternoon. Thanks for having me! And good afternoon, hi, how are you? » 3/05/11 12:36pm 3/05/11 12:36pm