Darren Sharper Doesn't Rape, He Just Has Non-Consensual Sex

Guys, we have a "new" word for rape thanks to former NFL player Darren Sharper — non-consensual sex. Sounds so much nicer, doesn't it? Really rolls off the tongue. » 3/07/14 12:20pm 3/07/14 12:20pm

Which Idiotic Lady Football Fan Stereotype Are You?

By this point, science has established over and over again that if you've got a vagina and you watch football, you're just doing it to impress the boys. Duh. That's a no-brainer. Female sports fandom is a myth perpetuated by feminists to make women seem more equal to men, like the G-spot and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. But… » 9/26/12 6:15pm 9/26/12 6:15pm

Scorned Football Fan Embarrasses Her Cheating Boyfriend In Front Of An…

Last night during the much anticipated Packers-Bears football game, NBC flashed a shot of a lady Packer fan holding up a sign that read "My cheating ex-boyfriend is watching from couch instead." The unusual sign made an instant impression on the audience. I happened to be watching the game in Wisconsin, and, as I… » 12/26/11 2:00pm 12/26/11 2:00pm

Sexual Assault And The Super Bowl

The number of NFL teams still in the running toward becoming America's Next Top Big Tackley Dudes has been narrowed down to two, and both teams contain players with serious sexual assault allegations. What's a fan to do? » 1/25/11 2:00pm 1/25/11 2:00pm

Wisconsin Christmas Present Contains Methy Surprise

A midwestern mother received a vacuum cleaner for Christmas, along with a surprise gift of $280K worth of drugs someone had stashed inside. First Clay Matthews's confusing roided-up-Fabio-joins-a-crappy-metal-band hairdo, and now this? Strange things are afoot in Green Bay. » 1/16/11 10:55am 1/16/11 10:55am