Game of Thrones Heard the Complaints, Will Temper the Sexual Violence in Season 6

Whether or not you watched the fifth season of Game of Thrones, you likely caught wind of the controversy surrounding its especially gratuitous violence against women. Even fans of the show condemned certain scenes—Sansa Stark’s rape in particular—as both excessive and lazy plot devices. And what do you know? The…

Popular TV Shows We Stopped Watching in 2015, For Reasons Like 'They Sucked'

For several years now, we have been in the throes of an era critics like to refer to as a “TV renaissance.” This ostensibly means that since the success of The Sopranos and The Wire, writers, directors and producers have been challenging themselves to make better, more literary and long-lasting series, built upon…

When Did Nashville Become the New Game Of Thrones?

On Wednesday, Nashville’s crossed a new line by killing one of the show’s longtime villains just as they were getting their life on track. It was like Game of Thrones when Joffrey died (not a spoiler, you’ve had YEARS to watch) except this death wasn’t exactly celebratory, it was bittersweet, like… a country song.