Game of Boners: Lost Minds, Lost Virginities

Oh, hey there, daughters of the Harpy! Did you think Game of Boners forgot about you? That we were gonna leave you high and dry? No way! I—QUEEN HARPY—just needed Memorial Day off to lie in the sun and sip on some of Cersei’s special sangria. A tip from the queen herself: replace the fruit chunks with more wine. And… » 5/26/15 4:15pm Yesterday 4:15pm

The Sad Wedding Dresses of Game of Thrones' Most Miserable Brides

On the latest episode of HBO’s T&A tour de force Game of Thrones, we once again saw poor Sansa Stark unhappily enter a marriage over which she has zero control, this time to violent psychopath Ramsay Bolton. Bummer, but look at that dress! Perfect for a woodsy winter wedding, no? » 5/20/15 2:45pm 5/20/15 2:45pm

Sophie Turner 'Loved' Sansa's Game of Thrones Wedding Night Scene

This post contains spoilers: On last night’s Game of Thrones, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,” Sansa finally married Winterfell’s most eligible sadist, Ramsay Bolton. The setting of their nuptials—at night, in the woods, as it snowed—made it abundantly clear that this would not be cause for celebration, and that sense of… » 5/18/15 9:30am 5/18/15 9:30am

Game of Boners: Enter Stoneman

Belieb it or not, we take our television recapping pretty seriously at The Muse via Jezebel dot com. Our goal, typically, is not to simply regurgitate the plot of a television episode that you’ve already watched, but to talk about theme, how things fit together, and ideally provide some insights that you maybe haven’t… » 5/11/15 3:00pm 5/11/15 3:00pm

Game of Boners: Jaime Lannister Shops at Abercrombie & Fitch

We’ve seen Jaime Lannister do his share of terrible things: He shoved Bran Stark out a tower window, has had a decades-long sexual relationship with his sister and is broadly (if not wrongly) known as the most famous oath-breaker in the Seven Kingdoms. Still, nothing—NOTHING—could prepare me for yesterday afternoon… » 4/27/15 4:50pm 4/27/15 4:50pm

The Major Plot Changes Revealed by the Game of Thrones Season Five Leak

The first four episodes from Game of Thrones' fifth season leaked this weekend, nearly a full day ahead of the premiere of the fanatically obsessed-over show—giving viewers an unexpected preview of the major changes the show's producers have made to the books' plotlines. » 4/16/15 2:05pm 4/16/15 2:05pm

Marco Rubio Stands in Traffic to Announce He's Announcing Something

Pray for your poor presumptive presidential candidates, who have to try to build “excitement” and “momentum” into their budding campaigns. And pray especially hard for Senator Marco Rubio, who decided that in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s announcement yesterday, his best move would be releasing a cellphone video of… » 4/13/15 11:30am 4/13/15 11:30am