Read Sylvan Esso's Amelia Meath on Catcalling as Human Communication

Sylvan Esso, the electro-fuzzed joint project of formerly-indie-folk artists Amelia Meath and Nicholas Sanborn, put out a debut album last year that I loved quite a bit; as the live following they’ve gathered can attest to, there’s a heavy, easy abandon about Sylvan Esso that grounds their earnest and slightly gawky… » 4/22/15 10:45pm 4/22/15 10:45pm

CNN Guest: Women Wouldn’t Care About Harassment if Catcallers Were Hot

Yesterday CNN's Fredricka Whitfield held a discussion about Hollaback's catcalling video, which has sparked a huge conversation about street harassment. She invited comedian Amanda Seales, and self-described "Bad Boy" author Steven Santagati, author of The Manual, which apparently teaches women about the 'bad boy' in… » 11/02/14 6:40pm 11/02/14 6:40pm

The Daily Show Has Finally Solved Catcalling

In her previous Daily Show segment on catcalls, correspondent Jessica Williams made it very clear that a woman's walk to work is not a red carpet. But clueless commentators continue to insist catcalling is just a buncha chill dudes dispensing free compliments, and so she is back for round two, bringing a camera on… » 10/03/14 9:30am 10/03/14 9:30am

Woman Confronts Catcallers and Secretly Films Their Reactions

I've always been curious about the psychology behind street harassment: whenever strange men trundle forth out of the shadows to mutter sexy adjectives at me or whenever they effusively waggle their eyebrows and make kissy noises out of moving vehicles, I wonder, "What is the end game here?" Do they think that I'm… » 7/22/14 12:00pm 7/22/14 12:00pm

Street Harassment Survey Results Are Depressingly Predictable

Earlier this week, the nonprofit group Stop Street Harassment released the results of a survey about the sort of abuse hurled at people who dare leave the house and go out in public in their human bodies. And, to the surprise of no woman, it showed that most women get catcalled or otherwise bothered by strangers… » 6/06/14 6:20pm 6/06/14 6:20pm

I don't care if "not all men are like that", or, Why I assume the worst

It's sunny here, and this afternoon found me out by the river, choosing a patch of grass near a tree and sitting down to read. As I did so, I took note of the two men hanging out nearby—safe, ordinary guys, I thought. Just two friends enjoying the sunshine like everyone else. Even so, I took the scarf from my… » 3/18/14 10:15pm 3/18/14 10:15pm

Burt's Bees Stupidly Puts 'Let the Catcalling Commence' on Product

Güd, a sub-brand of Burt's Bee's, has released a new sexy lotion. How do we know it's sexy? Because there's a little autumn leaflet on the label that reads, "A sexy moisturizer that leaves you feeling sexy and moisturized." Oh, cool. Thanks for the clarification! While being sexily moisturized is great and all,… » 11/15/13 6:15pm 11/15/13 6:15pm

W. Kamau Bell Hits the Streets to Ask, 'What's So Wrong With a Little…

W. Kamau Bell of FX's Totally Biased hits the streets of New York City to interview both the givers and receivers of street harassment, asking both parties what they think of this game of cat-and-mouse. Not surprisingly, all the women can't fucking stand it, but I was kinda shocked by the bros who were like, "I… » 10/29/12 9:30am 10/29/12 9:30am

Is It Wrong to Call This 20-Year-Old Who Punched a Street Harasser a…

A photo of a woman grinning and flashing the bandaged hand, injured after punching the misogynist sack of shit she overheard threatening to rape a stranger, has amost 56,000 notes on Tumblr and counting. The assailant says she never intended for the image to go viral nor to become a role model for the thousands of… » 7/09/12 2:10pm 7/09/12 2:10pm