Store-Bought Bake Sale Confections Spark Double-Stuf Indignity

If you go to the store and buy a package of chewy chocolate chip cookies and try to pawn them off onto other families at your child's school bake sale, head of the New York Times' confection Staatssicherheit Jennifer Steinhauer thinks you should be locked up with all the bear wrestlers in Alabama so you can think… » 12/16/11 6:30pm 12/16/11 6:30pm

Natalie Portman Is A Homewrecker In The Other Woman Trailer

Just in time for news of Natalie Portman's engagement and pregnancy is the trailer for The Other Woman, in which she plays a woman dealing with a tough set of motherhood issues — losing a baby, being a stepmother. » 12/28/10 2:33pm 12/28/10 2:33pm

Michael Lewis Says Dads Suck At Chores, Emotional Attachment

Michael Lewis has just released Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood, in which he admits to not loving his children immediately, but this bad father to Ayelet Waldman's Bad Mother isn't getting nearly the flak she did. » 6/03/09 1:00pm 6/03/09 1:00pm

Bad Mother, Good Writer

"A good mother [...] doesn't need her kids to like her all the time. Of writers and their readers, Waldman's book leaves me thinking, the same might be true." — Susan Dominus [NYT] » 5/11/09 6:40pm 5/11/09 6:40pm

Bad Mother Promises "Maternal Crimes," Delivers Misdemeanors

Ayelet Waldman, who famously wrote about loving her husband more than her kids, just published Bad Mother, a parenting memoir she describes as a "f&%k you to the insane Urban-Baby types." » 5/08/09 2:00pm 5/08/09 2:00pm

Mommy Wars

Ayelet Waldman: "We've evolved the June Cleaver image into something even more toxic...The burden has increased exponentially, and you're not even allowed to drown your sorrows in a gin and tonic." [USA Today] » 4/30/09 6:20pm 4/30/09 6:20pm

Six Words. Lame Fad. Enough Already.

Is anybody else sick of the six-word phenomenon? Apparently the editors of Smith Magazine aren't, because they're now releasing an anthology of six-word love stories. » 1/22/09 6:40pm 1/22/09 6:40pm

What Happens When Moms Write Memoirs?

As Saint Joan (Didion) once said, "That is one last thing to remember: writers are always selling somebody out." But what if the person selling you out is your mother? There are two news stories today — one regarding self-proclaimed "Bad Mother" Ayelet Waldman, and the other aboutAugusten Burroughs's mother, Marion —… » 12/05/08 1:00pm 12/05/08 1:00pm