Save the Date: Jezebel's Third Annual Fashion Swap Meet

Fashion Week is one of many feelings: delight and envy, disappointment and frustration. Specifically, the disappointment and frustration you feel after looking at all those pretty pictures of lovely clothes, none of which are in your closet. Nope, just the same old stuff there, move along, nothing to see. And if… » 9/07/12 5:40pm 9/07/12 5:40pm

Hey, Look, We Changed the Commenting System Again!

Good morning! Happy Friday! Happy Kinja (aka comments) Tweak Day — er, not tweak in the meth way (though discussions certainly can be twitchy). We mean that there's been an upgrade to Gawker Media's discussion system; look at any older posts and you'll see the visual changes. This is actually our fourth design… » 8/24/12 8:49am 8/24/12 8:49am

Save The Date: Jezebel's Second Annual Fashion Swap Meet

Oh, Fashion Week, you cruel mistress. Actually, no — you're a bitch. You're a pretty, skinny bitch, showing us all of your lovely clothes, most of which we would like to wear and none of which we can afford. You're like a bully who follows us home at the end of the day; even when the shows are over, we're left feeling… » 9/01/11 4:10pm 9/01/11 4:10pm