TGIF! Congrats on making it through yet another week. While you were spending your days staring at a screen under fluorescent lights, celebrities were out frolicking and turning their smartphones on themselves. Here's what the stars did with their days this week. Celebrity Instagrams (and maybe a Vine or two), presented without comment. Enjoy. VERSACE COWBOY Stay classy San Diego �� #snookiandjwoww season 3 starts October 22 10pm! Our friendship in a nutshell. @jennijwowwmtv ❤️ #cafegitane @craeberlin nice night with a good friend Glam today by my glamazons @robscheppy @davynewkirk Been up working since 6am. Now time for a lil power nap in the car on way to the next interview. #SleepingBeauty I love the way she kiss my neck❤️ You want a selfie? Here!!!!Just check out sum of dis sh*t: SAL, as I lay dying, actors anonymous, Colette store in Paris, frieze in london!!!!!!! The gals. #ointb Man cave before practice Moms Night Out 90s iconography Some of us are in character and some aren't and it create a confusing pastiche #mötleycrüe #NoFilter Locker room at the Seahawks game with my step dad Will Ferrell Putting the smack down on management for sleeping on the job. Get to #WorkBxxch Woken up every two hours on the hour by this little lady... 1st check up photo-priceless. So nice of these flowers to turn purple in support of #spiritday. I'm wearing purple today to stand up against bullying and to support LGBT youth. Join me now: #Johannesburg #SouthAfrica she x cheetah G'd up crab Bitch stole my look Rollin with the homies @jlo @harryconnickjr. Ur missing out @keithurban Woody's behind me like I'm comin out the driveway. BOSTON. #electrictour #lifeisnotarehearsal #smile Putting this one on a T-Shirt

Thanks @tyrese your such a good friend to let me use your trailer when your not here. IN MY LIVING ROOM! I respect the arts... Tonight I decided to do poetry, monologues, live performances .... It's about to be emotional, inspiring, and creative....... I had this vision yesterday... And tonight it's happening.... #InspiredToInspire Errm @caradelevingne where are your hands???? @Donnakarendkny #timesquare

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