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Why Do So Many People Think They Know the Best Way for a Woman to Live? 

Rebecca Solnit, the essayist best known for Men Explain Things to Me—a book whose lens on gender and violence expands much further than the brief excerpt on “mansplaining” that it’s become known for—has written a new essay for Harper’s called “The Mother of All Questions,” and it’ll be one of the best things, easily,… »11/04/15 5:00pm11/04/15 5:00pm


New Photographs Show That Zendaya Was Heavily Photoshopped for Magazine Shoot 

Last month, Zendaya took to Instagram to criticize Modeliste magazine for heavily Photoshopping the spread she did for them. “[I] was shocked when I found my 19-year-old hips and torso quite manipulated,” she wrote in the caption. The photos she shared showed that the magazine had made her hips, waist and thighs much… »11/03/15 10:15pm11/03/15 10:15pm

Samantha Bee On the Vanity Fair Photo Shoot She Was Excluded From

In September, Vanity Fair ran a story in which 10 male late-night hosts were featured and referred to as, “all of the titans of late night television.” As expected, the internet blew up at the lack of women in the portrait, especially the absence of one particular fixture from late night TV. Samantha Bee, a longtime… »10/13/15 9:30pm10/13/15 9:30pm

Melissa McCarthy and Others Photoshopped by Thinspo Losers on Facebook

In “dumb things that exist” news: a “thinspo” Facebook page features Photoshopped images of non-size zero celebs such as Melissa McCarthy, Meghan Trainor and model Tess Holliday. The page, titled Operation Harpoon, describes itself as “a collaborative art project open to interpretation,” and allows amateur Photoshop… »8/20/15 11:00pm8/20/15 11:00pm

Shia LaBeouf After Fight With His Girlfriend: 'I Would Have Killed Her'

During a recent visit to Germany, Shia LaBeouf and girlfriend Mia Goth were seen having an intense verbal argument on the street. When locals (with cameras) intervened to separate the pair and offer LaBouf a ride to the airport, the actor was recorded saying, “I don’t want to touch a woman, I don’t want to hit a… »7/27/15 8:00pm7/27/15 8:00pm

A Q&A with Peter Slevin, Author of Michelle Obama's New Biography

Before Michelle Obama was the First Lady, a position defined by partnership and parenting, she was a career woman with twenty successful years under her belt before her husband dreamed of running the country. In fact, when Barack pitched her the idea, he had to enlist her family to convince her. Peter Slevin, author… »4/15/15 5:00pm4/15/15 5:00pm

Madonna Fights Tyranny of Instagram by Posting Photo on Instagram 

Madonna isn’t fond of Instagram’s policy of banning topless photos, so Madonna posted a topless photo to Instagram. In a classic #rebelheart moment, Madonna tore off her clothes, drenched herself with water, arched her back on a fish (?) sculpture, and then put a black bar across her nipples. “Why is it ok to show ass… »4/04/15 10:45am4/04/15 10:45am

Hillary Clinton Loses Body in Tragic Bloomberg Photoshopping Incident [Update]

Embattled (and undeclared) 2016 Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has some 'splaining to do about why she used her own personal server to send and receive emails while serving as Obama's Secretary of State. She'll attempt to do that later this afternoon, in a press conference that Bloomberg Politics is … »3/10/15 2:30pm3/10/15 2:30pm