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London Mayor Bans Ads That 'Could Cause Body Confidence Issues' From City's Public Transit 

On Monday, London mayor Sadiq Khan announced that body-shaming advertisements would be banned from the city’s tubes and buses. Khan’s decision is a follow-up of a promise he made while campaigning. The campaign promise was in response to the controversy and subsequent debate surrounding an advertisement for a weight…

Is Minnie Driver Throwing Baby Food Jars Filled With Black Paint at Her Neighbor's House? Maybe!

Minnie Driver, best known for her performance as “Them Apples” in 1997's Good Will Hunting, has been sued by her neighbor, 74-year-old Daniel Perelmutter, for emptying out baby food jars, filling them with black paint, and throwing them at Perelmutter’s house. If you need to take a moment and reread that first…