Yeesh. The two's relationship has been strained since Billy Ray announced his split from Tish.

Minutes later, the Tweet was down, replaced with another: "Wtf? My twitter was just actin all types of cray!" Guys, you cannot blame everything on Twitter hacks. Twitter hacks did not eat your homework. [NDYN]


"This was a happy memory of mine," says Kate Gosselin after being accused of racism for slanting her eyes while wearing an Asian-looking wig in a Twitter picture (sent to her by a fan who joked that now she could be Asian like the rest of her family).

"Naturally, I 'slanted' my eyes to show [Jon] my best Asian impression, which made him smile... It's normal to talk about and even 'exaggerate' the feature differences between family members of a biracial family as they are noticed by curious growing children within the family. These types of discoveries and at home discussions are a normal part of being a loving accepting biracial family and it does not make any of us prejudice! I have eight biracial children, therefore I'm quite certain I'm the last person who could be called racist."

[Us Weekly]

Speaking of which, Paula Deen has hired crisis counselor Judy Smith — the inspiration for the Kerry Washington character in Scandal — to run damage control. Star Jones says of Smith: "I’ve got her number on speed dial... If I listened to her advice more often, I wouldn’t have gotten into half the trouble I’m in." [Page Six]


Howard Stern defends the First Lady of Carbs: "I mean, are we really gonna say that if someone takes the stand and admits to using the ‘N’ word and is being honest … I’m just wondering … Why is she losing her job?” [Radar Online]

SNIGGITY SNAP. Justin Bieber was not just being an enfant terrible when he got banned from Las Vegas indoor skydiving place for life — he was also caught on camera kissing and cuddling Jordan Ozuna, a married woman whose husband is in the Coast Guard.

Says a source: “In the waiting room area, she was sitting on his lap and they were kissing. Little pecks and kisses. [And] right before the flight, in a second waiting room area, he laid down on her left side, and he had his head between her legs and had his cap half-covering his face. She was caressing him on the head and shoulders.” Guh-ross. [Radar Online]

From America's Got Talent. What even? [Gossip Cop]

  • Rihanna got a restraining order against a stalker who walked on her roof. [TMZ]
  • Ludacris is being sued for stealing lyrics from a Chi-town rapper for his song "Sex Room," not to be confused with "Fornication Cul de Sac." [TMZ]
  • Brody from Homeland shaved his head. [People]
  • Pax Jolie-Pitt is friends with a big purple stuffed animal. [Us Weekly]
  • Alyssa Milano did some mid-boob for a Maxim cover. [Us Weekly]
  • Jamie Foxx hung out with a former Real Housewife of Miami. [Page Six]
  • Jason Statham got shitfaced. [NYDN]
  • Amanda Bynes tweeted that Drake has "Down Syndrome eyes" and then deleted it. [Radar Online]
  • Kristen Stewart paid her respects to the late James Gandolfini, with whom she starred in 2010's Welcome To The Rileys. [Us Weekly]
  • Emma Watson feels even famouser in America. [Gossip Cop]
  • Halle Berry testified in support of an anti-paparazzi bill, saying daughter Nahla is terrified of them. [Gossip Cop]
  • Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston or Anreaux or Justinnifer or whatever have apparently stopped discussing the wedding altogether. [Radar Online]
  • Kimye wouldn't let Rob Kardashian meet North West at the hospital. [Radar Online]

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