Lady Gaga appeared on Watch What Happens Live last night, where she did what any guest of Andy Cohen's Bravo clubhouse should do — she got crazy drunk.

The free-flowing cocktails are a huge part of the appeal of WWHL — both for the viewers and for the guests — and Gaga took full advantage of the well-stocked bar by throwing back white wine the same way I do at a boring office Christmas party. Naturally, this led to a sloppy round of Plead the Fifth, a new game called The Edge of Glory Hole (which included some random shouting about Gaga's boyf Taylor Kinney) and a bunch of talk about her old rave days.


Gaga's Real Housewife tag was probably the crowning jewel of the whole interview, though: "They may say I'm a woman, but underneath, I'm alllllll man."