Hot: Jax Teller Might Be Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades Movie Supposedly Sons of Anarchy actor Charlie Hunnam is now Universal's first choice to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. Generally speaking, casting rumors are no fun — unless they involve a really hot person whose .gif you can blow up to four times its size and share on the Internet. You're welcome.

The movie site Twitchfilm claims to have "inside information" that the producers of the Sam Taylor-Johnson-directed movie are also leaning towards Shailene Woodley, Felicity Jones or Alicia Vikander for the role of milquetoast Mary Sue sub Ana Steele. K. [Twitchfilm]

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On today's episode of Random Lifesavers, **Dr. Oz **and a plumber on the scene worked together to save a 23-year-old British woman who lost her left foot in a taxi cab crash outside Rockefeller Center in NYC. After plumber **David Justino** took off his belt and used it as a tourniquet, she was taken to the hospital. Dr. Oz later lauded Justino on Facebook for his "quick thinking and heroic actions."

I hope the USA Network's listening, because there's a whole lot of potential for a pun-baiting odd couple medical comedy! I'm feeling Hank Azaria as Justino, the reckless renegade who doesn't play by the book. [People]


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To the chagrin of enough creepy older Hollywood men to fill a charter bus (I'm talking to you, Jack Nicholson), Jennifer Lawrence may be back together with her ex Nicholas Hoult. The two "got cozy" at the X-Men wrap party in Montreal, and were also spotted having a romantic dinner. I must say, Tony Stonem from _Skins _is pretty fucking irresistible. [People]

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A contractor who was working on Olivia Newton-John's house in Jupiter, Florida was found dead inside the home by gunshot wound (possibly a suicide). Newton-John and her husband weren't even in Florida at the time. Spooky. [USA Today]

Uh, here's Avril Lavigne, a.k.a. Mrs. Chad Kroeger, making out with actually-super-cool Danica Keller (Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years) in her new video. [NYDN]

* Game got a tattoo of Trayvon Martin on his leg. [TMZ]
* Simon Cowell finally admits he's proud and excited to have spawned. [People]
* Here's $150,000 worth of swag from Kylie Jenner's Sweet 16. Consumerist bribery = multiple best friends 4 lyfe. [TMZ]
* A former intern of Diddy's is suing because internships suck donkey balls. [TMZ]
* John Mayer looks like a 7th grader's idea of a hippie Halloween costume. [People]
* Ian Somerhalder got a rescue dog and named her Nietzsche. Way to go, Ian Somerhalder. [People]
* Kanye West rebuffed a judging gig on American Idol: "He didn't want to go that mainstream." [Us Weekly]
* Drew Barrymore joined Twitter, so if you follow her, expect a single flower Emoji from now until the end of days. [Us Weekly]
* Anna Kendrick got SexxXy in what appears to be a high-waisted studded diaper in GQ. [NYDN]
* Rihanna got a mullet. [NYDN]
* Jesus Christ. More terrible **Gia Allemand** suicide details, if you want. [NYDN]
* "**Shaquille O'Neal** lifting a cocktail server over his head." [Page Six]
* Kelly Clarkson is super bored of her wedding, which makes 2 of us. JK, I love weddings, tell no one. [Us Weekly]
* Is Wilmer Valderrama dating Demi Lovato? Does he even act anymore? What if the human race dies out, eons from now a new alien race is looking for clues as to how 2013's Earthlings lived and died, and all that's left are traces of Wilmer Valderrama's existence? [Us Weekly]
* Justin Theroux and **Jennifer Aniston **looked in love on a chaise lounge in Mexico, which, let's admit it, is not hard to do. I could be in love WITH the chaise lounge in Mexico. [E!]
* La Toya Jackson will be on Broadway in "Newsical The Musical," whatever the flying fuck that is. [Page Six]
* Lance Bass denies a full-on *NSYNC reunion. [Billboard]
* Justin Timberlake's BBQ joint in New York got an illustrious "B" rating from the Board of Health. Mmmm, just slightly dirty ribs. [Radar Online]
* The $75 dress Kate Middleton wore in the first new Royal Family portrait has already sold out. [Us Weekly]

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