As if the 2014 republican primary wasn't frightening enough, a congressional race in Florida has been given an additional spooOOooky edge by candidate Jake Rush, a staunch conservative who also happens to be a vampire.

Well, technically, Rush is just a vampire LARPer (LARP = live-action role play), meaning he only becomes his vampire alter ego Chazz Darling during his free time. But even if his vampiric proclivities are less than genuine, he's still the perfect interview subject for Stephen Colbert, who arrived cloaked and ready to celebrate the witching hour.

Too bad immortal Chazz was more in the mood to talk about privacy rights, military action, guns and whether or not thespians should be allowed to marry. Considering how dodgy he was with all the vampire questions, Stephen might be onto something — MAYBE JAKE RUSH IS THE CHARACTER AND CHAZZ DARLING IS REAL.